Why the House of Representatives should censure instead of impeach Donald Trump

Why the House of Representatives should censure instead of impeach Donald Trump

The fix is in!

It's been in for a long time.  The Republicans have no plans to be part of a impartial investigation into Donald Trump. They never did. Anyone who thought that getting twenty Republican Senators to convict and remove Trump from the presidency has been living in a dream world. It's more likely the votes will fall totally along party lines. It's likely that there will be zero Republican votes in both the House and the Senate.

In recent weeks, they stopped being subtle about this. Trump started bribing his jury. He had fundraisers and gave campaign donation money to a few at risk Republican Senators in their upcoming November elections. A million dollars buys a lot of loyalty. Don has also been having lunch meetings with Republican Senators. They've been discussing the trial after the impeachment. How long it should go? What type of evidence should be presented? Should they just dismiss the impeachment without even having the trial?

Imagine if this was real life? Can you picture a defendant getting together with the jurors before a trial? Hard to believe, but that's exactly what is happening here.

See....I told you the fix is in!

There's a better option for the Democrats in the House of Representatives. Censure!

On Monday, the Chicago Tribune published an editorial saying the House should do this. I agree, but for different reasons. They said Trump's actions on the Ukraine phone call, while wrong, are not an impeachable offense. I disagree. I think they merit impeachment and conviction. I also know that will never happen with the makeup of the Senate. So why not do something that doesn't involve the Senate? Take the Senate out of the picture.

The House Democrats can censure Trump by a simple majority vote. They have that and more. Use it and be done. Trump will go down in history with Andrew Jackson as the only Presidents of the United States who have been censured. Even better he has no recourse in the Senate like he does if he's impeached. No trial. No innocent verdict. No victory tour. Nothing...nothing that he can use when the next campaign really gets going in 2020.

It's really a win/win for the Democrats because you've made your point, dishonored Trump and you still have the impeachment card that can be played later. Why not wait until after the election? After you've won back the presidency, you can impeach Trump and have him leave the White House in greater disgrace?

Donald Trump censure 2019. It's an idea whose time has come.

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