It's way too soon for that December 25th holiday

It's way too soon for that December 25th holiday

It's beginning to look a lot like....NO! TOO SOON!! WAY TOO SOON!!

Yesterday, I'm taking a walk in my hood. I notice a couple walking out of a store. Their shopping bag is filled with wrapping paper. Multiple rolls of wrapping paper. Multiple rolls of festive holiday wrapping paper.

I look at my calendar to check the date. It says November 10th. I do the math. There's forty-five days until December 25th. Forty-five days until that holiday whose name we shall not speak.

I'm thinking it may just be me, so I continue on with my walk. I pop into the grocery store. They're playing those December 25th songs.
I pull my hat over my ears to try to drown out the noise, but here comes some noise I can't avoid. It's noise that rocks me to my core. It's that guy who used to be in The Beatles singing that inane Wonderful Whatever tune.
C'MON! IT'S WAY TOO SOON! Even December 24th is WAY TOO SOON FOR THAT!!!

I know I'm making this sound like I'm a grinch. I'm really not. Okay...okay...I admit it. I AM! I feel a little better admitting this. But, c'mon people, Halloween was only twelve days ago. Folks are still getting their pumpkin spice whatever drink at Starbucks. They're still eating the leftover candy they pretended to buy for trick or treaters that never come to their homes. Thanksgiving is still seventeen days away...almost three weeks. Maybe we can get past that and the turkey/family overload before we start to focus on what will happen in December?

In the meantime, I'm out for another walk. Some of the houses have these green trees in the window. They seem to be decorated. Oh No! WAY TOO SOON! 

Sigh! I give up. I'm going inside. Nothing like this can happen here. It's a December 25th safe zone. Maybe a little tv. Just avoid Lifetime. Hmmmm....there's Mariah NOOOOOOOO!
"All I want for..." NOOOOOO!


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