Are George and Kellyanne Conway screwing with all of us?

Are George and Kellyanne Conway screwing with all of us?

(sing to the theme of The Jetson's)
Meet George Conway.
His wife Kellyanne.

It's Washington's most bizarre power couple. They've been married for eighteen years. They have four young children. Nothing abnormal about this. She helped Donald Trump get elected POTUS and now works for him. He hates her boss and lets everyone know it in a very public way. That's abnormal.

Under the best of circumstances, being married isn't easy. Even the happiest of couples have differences. That's why for decades, the divorce rate has been in the fifty percent range. Imagine trying to have a marriage while you're in the public spotlight every day? Think about what the pressure of that is like. That's why we are almost never shocked when we hear about a Hollywood couple breaking up. It has to be the same thing for political couples in Washington.

We've heard plenty of stories about a Democrat being married to a Republican. Mary Matalin and James Carville are the most public example of this. Hell, they've made a career, and a great living, by being, or at least acting cute and quirky. The Conway's are different. They're quirky, but their act stopped being cute some time ago.

They're both conservative Republicans. I guess their basic values are the same except for one very important issue. The woman in the red dress thinks the current president is the greatest ever....or at least pretends to believe that. The dude in the tuxedo thinks her husband's boss is a maniac...or at least pretends to believe that...and has no qualms about letting the entire world know how he feels about him on his Twitter feed.

Do you follow George on Twitter? If not, you should. For the last two years, he's been tearing our president a new one, multiple times a day. It's definitely over the top. It's definitely entertaining.

It finally came to a head earlier this week. Trump has done a good job ignoring George, at least in public. But apparently, Don has his breaking point. After Conway sent out a flurry of Tweets showing how Trump is mentally unbalance and deranged, Trump said he barely knew the man and called him a loser. They're at it again today. Trump referred to him in a Tweet as "Mr. Kellyanne Conway", as if this is the ultimate insult, called him a "stone cold loser" and finished up by saying he was the "husband from Hell."
Conway pinned the tweet and commented "The President of the United States." Next came "What really matters—who cares about me—is how many people have now reviewed the diagnostic criteria for Narcisisstic Personality Disorder? ." He tripled down with "YOU ARE NUTS!"

It's almost enough to make you feel sorry for poor Kellyanne, who is deeply in the middle of all of this. Keyword is almost because she made her choice to sell her soul to help elect and work for Trump.

But an interesting thing has occurred in the past few days. For the past two years, the anti-Trump crowd has loved the way George talks about Trump on Twitter. The responses have been very much pro-George and wanting more. Since Monday, I've seen some changes to that. Some folks are starting to wonder if George is just messing with us. People have probably been thinking that all along, but now it's out in the open.

You have to know that there's a book in all this nonsense, right? If there's a book, then there's a book tour. Movie? Sitcom? Why not!  Then there are speaking engagements. All of this means money...lots and lots of money. Is it possible that George and Kellyanne will be writing the book together...and then hitting the road together? Kellyanne is going to need a job after the Trump administration comes to an end, hopefully in 2021. What would make the Conway family cash register ring louder than this?

People, it's more than possible that we're being played by George and Kellyanne Conway. It's more than possible that they're gaming the system and all of of us to line their pocketbooks for that big payday down the road. Profiting from working in the White House...that would never happen, would it? Hell, maybe Trump is in on this with them. COLLUSION!! Stranger things have happened.

My head hurts just thinking about all of this. It makes you want to go back to the kinder, gentler time of Matalin and Carville. Ahhhh....well, it's time to go back to Twitter. I wonder what George and Don are up to now?

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