Should I get a Roger Stone-like tattoo on my back?

Should I get a Roger Stone-like tattoo on my back?

Have you seen enough of Roger Stone lately? In the last week, he's been the main topic on all the cable news channels.

It started when he was arrested last Thursday. The FBI knocked on his door at 6am. Yeah, it's fairly early, but nothing outrageous. Next he claimed he was treated worse than Osama bin Ladin. Hmmmm....let me fact check that. Osama? Osama? He can't comment on the claim because Osama was shot in the head and his body ended up in the Ocean....never to be found again. Roger has been found again and again and again.

Tuesday, he claimed his innocence in a Washington D.C. courtroom. He's out on the street now doing whatever nasty tricks he likes to do. FYI, if you live near Roger Stone, keep your dogs close to you.

As strange and bizarre as Stone's life is, and I admit to liking strange and bizarre, the quirk that really gets to me is his tattoo. You can see it in the photo up top. Since 2007, he has had a tat of Richard Nixon on his back. Yeah, yanno, former disgraced President, I am not a crook, Richard Nixon.

Okay, I almost get it...almost. Stone idolized Nixon so much that he claimed lied that he was a major part of his presidential campaign, even though he was only sixteen and twenty years old at the time of those elections.

But the tattoo story got me thinking. If I was going to get a tat on my back, Stone-style, who would it be?

For most people it might be a child or a significant other. Have you seen the Aldi's commercial where a teenage girl gets her boyfriend's name tattooed on her ankle? Mom calmly says it's okay because she's sure that her daughter will love Kevin forever. The point being if you're going the sig other route, you better be damn sure.

Too bad I didn't know about this on the night of  November 2nd, 2016. The next day I could have had a Dexter Fowler or Ben Zobrist picture on my back. That would have aged well, right? Thinking twice about this, I'm glad I didn't know. Phew!

My answer is I'd never get any kind of a tattoo on my back....or anywhere else. I've had a few henna tats, but they were small symbols of some cause I was connected with....and gone in a couple of weeks....and never on my back. NEVER!!!

The good and bad news is I'll never be as flashy and cool as Roger Stone. I do like those round sunglasses with the black beret. They go well with his orange skin. Maybe I should check out Glasses USA? beret


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