I voted for Mayor but I'm still undecided

I voted for Mayor but I'm still undecided

Election day 2019. Time to pick a new Mayor of Chicago....or at least get it down to the final two for April's runoff election.

There are fourteen candidates on the ballot. How, in the name of whatever deity you believe in, are we supposed to get it down to one? Hmmm...maybe that's why last week, the leader in the polls was undecided at nineteen per cent?

You wouldn't think this would be such a tough decision. We've had months to study the candidate. There have been enough forums and stories about all fourteen, that we should know about all their good points and all their flaws.

The problem is the flaws seem to outweigh the good.

Whenever I settled on someone, a bad story broke and I moved on to the next in line. Plus, I don't want to just settle on someone. I want a Mayor who can inspire us. I want a Mayor we can be proud of. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be anyone in the group of fourteen that does this. If there was, I would have voted weeks ago. I guess I have to go with settling.

I waited until the last minute to vote. I walked into the voting both, still unsure of my choice. i thought seeing their names on an actual ballot would help me make a decision. It didn't.

Maybe if I vote in the other categories first, it'll give me time to make my final choice? Alderman-check. Treasurer-check. Well, that took thirty seconds. Back to Mayor...again. OY!!

i wonder if eenie meenie miney moe works? That's just silly. Rock, paper, scissors or flipping a coin works better. C'mon dude..suck it up. Make a decision already. Here we go. X in the box. Are you sure? Yes? No? Yes? Stop it already!

I hit the button and we're finally done!!

It's been an hour since I voted. I'm still second guessing myself. I'm still not sure I did the right thing. At least it's over. I don't have to stress about this again....until April.

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