Keep active to keep alive

Keep active to keep alive

Mick Jagger, Donald Trump, James Patterson and Mike Krzyzewski. What do they have in common?

How about Dan Rather, Diane Feinstein, Alan Alda and Frankie Valli?

The first group is in their seventies? The others are in their eighties. They come from a variety of fields. Musicians and writers. Journalists and politicians. An actor and a coach. Their main commonality is they are all still working at their craft at an advanced age. These people, and many more, could have retired years ago. And yet, they're still plugging away at demanding jobs, every single day.

Mick and Frankie are still touring and making records. Coach K is leading a team of talented freshmen to possibly another national championship at Duke. Dan Rather writes a daily column plus has an interview show. Alda and Patterson are writing...a lot. Trump is the leader of the free world (make your own joke). Feinstein is watching over Trump....a full-time gig.

How about Dick Van Dyke?!! He is ninety-two and has two movies coming out soon. NINETY-TWO!!

The point is at a time when so many folks have called it quits or at least slowed down, these people, and so many more, are not only still working, they're more active than ever.

The phrase use it or lose it is more than just a phrase. It's true. If you don't do something, you start to atrophy away. Doctors tell us this at every visit.

Now I'm not telling you to keep working at age 80. I am telling you to find something that interests you and then to do it....regularly.

Work out. Play golf or tennis...or both. Play a musical instrument. Take photos. Travel. Paint. Write. Whatever...just do something...or do it all! As Paul McCartney said when he was asked if he was going to retire, "What else am I going to do? Sit on the couch and watch tv?"

Hey Paul, there's nothing wrong with sitting on the couch and watching tv. Just don't do it 24/7/365.

The point to this diatribe is more active you are, the better quality of life you have. Plus, I'm told it will keep you alive longer. How many examples of someone retiring and dying shortly afterwards (ie, Bear Bryant) do we need?

So to Mick, see you in June. James, I look forward to reading your next book. Trump...ummm...maybe you can go back to running your business into the ground instead of our country.

As for me, I'm going to write something while listening to some music. Hmmm...I need something mellow and calming. How about some Tony Bennett. He's ninety-two and still working. A good role model for us all.

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