The fragile ego of Donald Trump

The fragile ego of Donald Trump

Have you ever Googled yourself? I'm guessing most of us have. It's interesting to see what comes up...if anything.

For those of us with common names it can be a little disconcerting. I used to be at the bottom of the first page. Having a blog that publishes something a couple times a week gave me a little visibility. The top spot was and is still held by the man with the same name who is a college basketball coach....a lot of that time in the same city as me.

I checked again today. After going through ten pages, I found nothing. NOTHING!! That same basketball coach took up more space. I guess losing a job and getting another will get you some print space. Plus a few of the older Howard Moores moved on to another spectrum. Their obits moved me down even more. I'm a little pissed off about that but from one HM to another, I hope you're resting easy.

See? I told you it could be a little disconcerting! But not enough to Google myself at ONE IN THE MORNING!!! Who would do that?

Only the guy who is President of the United States! The guy who has the most powerful job in the world!

Picture this scene...dude is lying in bed. He can't sleep and is restless. He turns over and grabs his phone. It's something that a lot of people with sleep issues do regularly. Don takes it to another level. He goes to Google and types in "Trump News." He finds things he doesn't like....lots of things. Apparently, he doesn't understand how Google search results work.  Naturally, Donnie goes to Twitter and lets everyone know about this. Naturally, his supporters, who also don't understand how how Google search results work, suck up to him. I'm guessing this builds up his ego again and he feels better.

How fragile a person do you have to be to do this?

In a normal world, with a normal person in charge, this would be shocking at worst. At best, a little surprising. But in a country where today nothing is close to normal, nothing is shocking or surprising.

Even this week, Trump used other events to show just how fragile he is. Don spends the weekend playing golf. Nothing new there. While he's gone, John McCain dies. In his absence, The White House moves our flag to half-staff in McCain's honor. When Trump returns, the flag returns to full height. He also vetoes the response that the White House was going to put out honoring McCain and his service to the country. Nothing from Trump but bad body language when asked about this. He was taking this feud what will eventually be his place in Hell.

It was only after outrage from almost everyone that Trump finally relented. It must be killing him that even people who disagreed with everything McCain believed in politically, are showing him the love and respect that Trump will never receive.

But there's more. There's always more in Trumpville.

On Tuesday, Donnie announced that they have reworked the trade deal with Mexico. Yanno...NAFTA. Trump hates NAFTA. He's made it clear for years. Not fair to America, taking advantage of America...yada, yada, yada. The deal with Mexico gets done with Canada supposedly getting close to being on board...we'll see.

So, the announcement is made. Trump talks about the agreement and how happy he is with it. What's the one word he can't bring himself to say? NAFTA!  Next comes the turn of the Mexican President to speak about this. Trump fiddles with the phone and an aide comes in to help. You can almost see the steam coming out of the top of Don's head. They finally get him on the phone and he says he's happy a deal can be worked out to save "NAFTA!"

See Donald. It's not that hard to say this word. NAFTA. Try it!


I wonder what number Trump's therapist is on his phone's speed dial? Hopefully it's very high!

Hmmmm....well I have other things to worry about today. I'm off to Google to see if I've moved up their search after writing this. I may need to move my therapist up on a bit on my speed dial, too.


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