We are all refugees

We are all refugees

The images coming from Texas are horrific. Children are being held in an internment camp with walls made of metal as if they were in a WWE steel cage match. They're sleeping on the floor on a thin mattress.

The sounds were even more horrible, if that's possible. "Papi, Papi." "Where's my mama?" "Don't send Papi back!" "My aunt is supposed to come and get me. Her number is....."

And these are just the pictures the government will let you see. No cameras are allowed.

They'll stick in your mind forever.

These people coming over are not drug dealers and gang members. They trying to escape the drug dealers and gangs from their country. They are trying to trying to keep themselves and their children safe. They are trying to keep themselves and their children alive. If getting on a boat and risking their life to get here is less dangerous than staying in their country, you know it's bad.

They are immigrants. They are refugees.

We are all refugees. We all came from somewhere else. If not you and me, it was our parents or their parents or their parents. You don't have to go too far back on your family tree to find someone who immigrated to the United States. Your relative was trying to escape the tyranny of the country of their birth. They were trying to save their lives while making a better life for you....much like we see these people who are coming here now.

It's just a matter of luck that we were born here. It's just a matter of luck that we are not in that situation. No one is better because we are born here.  It's disgusting that we are splitting up families and sending them back to life threatening situations instead of trying to help. The people that did this have no souls, no hearts, they continually lie and will occupy a special place in Hell and History.

Never forget these images and sounds. Keep them in your mind, heart and soul on Tuesday,November 6, 2018.


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