The human mind really is a mysterious thing

The human mind really is a mysterious thing

It was last Saturday afternoon. June 8th. I was writing this blog post for Monday, June 11th. My birthday. It was tips on how to stay alive, healthy, alert, vital and all that crap at age sixty-six.

It was Saturday night. June 8th. About 8pm...or so I'm told. Just a few hours later. I'm in the hospital in one of the north Chicago suburbs....although I really didn't know it.

Irony? Ummmm.....yeah!!

What did you mean by not really knowing it? Well, kids...I had a little bout of amnesia/memory loss. One minute I was fine. The next minute, I had no clue what was going on. I'm told I walked into a kitchen at my friend's house, looked for something to drink, had a discussion with her about a few things that had already happened but I wasn't sure about, I took a shower, we went to the hospital, I checked myself in at the Emergency Room, had a Cat Scan and talked to some doctors. All took place in about a two hour period. Two hours I'll never get back.

I had no idea and still have no idea that any of that occurred. I'm told that I'll never remember any of that. I'm resigned to accepting that....sorta. I'm still trying to remember six days later with no luck. Scary? Ummmm yeah....SCARY AF!!!!!!

I tell you the human mind is really a mysterious thing!!

That post for last Monday was delayed by a day. See, the three neurologists, a couple of internists, a bunch of nurses and some other medical pros couldn't determine what was wrong. Stroke, nope. Seizure, nah. Brain tumor, uh uh. After two days of poking and prodding by them and two days of continual whining by me, they finally let me go. Did they have a diagnosis...nah. Just check in with your primary doctor and have a Happy Birthday. Yeah, right...and thanks for the no-sodium birthday omelet.

I did check in with my regular doctor the next day. We went over the thousands of pharmaceuticals I'm now taking to keep me alive and he started Googling. Turns out one of them has temporary amnesia as a side effect. It affects one in every 200,000 users. Apparently it also affects my math skills because I have no idea what that percentage is. Sigh! I guess that drug is no longer part of life. Lucky? Ummm yeah....LUCKY AF!!!

I tell you the human mind really is a mysterious thing!!

It seems this week was one for drug/brain issues. I had a couple of people tell me that some of their drugs were causing depression. Who knew that could happen? Apparently NBC News did because they ran a story on that on Wednesday. OY!

Have I told you the human mind is a mysterious thing?!!

To be serious for a moment, even though I spent a few days in a hospital and it ruined my birthday plans, I was very lucky. It was only two hours and sometimes it lasts for up to twenty-four hours. Plus I was with someone who realized I was in some distress and got me to a place where there was help. I could have been home alone, running errands, at a ballgame or out of town. Who knows what would have happened then. I don't even like to think about that, although I've been obsessing about that for almost a week now.

So that link at the top which leads you to the post I wrote about how to stay healthy, happy, active, yada, yada, yada.....well you can ignore that because I apparently have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to matters of the mind. No one does. Yep...WE'RE ALL CLUELESS AF!!!

I tell you the human mind really is a mysterious thing!!


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