November is coming

November is coming

It was January 20. 2017. Donald John Trump is inaugurated as President of the United States. The crowd watching the event is one of the smallest in recent inaugurations.
It was January 21, 2017. Millions of citizens gathered in Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver and many other cities for the first Women's March.
Later that day, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer called a press briefing to tell us one thing. The crowd at the inauguration was the largest ever. Nothing ever was close. It was the first of more than five hundred days of lies.

Game on!!!

It was the start of trying to take back all the gains of the Obama administration. It was the start of trying to take away the Obama legacy. It was the start of trying to enrichen Trump's supporters, friends, family and himself at the expense of the poor and disadvantaged. It was the start that emboldened the views of racists, sexists and others.

In response there were protests and marches. The Women's March, The Not My President Protest, The March for Our Lives, a second Women's March, and the upcoming Families Belong Together plus many other gatherings.

Still life under Trump goes on. Sure there have been some minor gains. A few Democrats have won special elections in traditional Republican areas but not enough to change anything. If you really think any of this has made anything better, think about how angry you feel every single day....and those feelings continue to get worse.

But here's some good news for you who feel this way. November is coming!

If you're disgusted by what's been happening in your federal and local government, this is your one real chance to make a change. If you don't get out and vote....if we don't get out and vote...nothing matters. None of the protests and marches will matter. None of the outrage will matter. None of the stories will matter.


Are you pissed off that Russia and North Korea are our new BFF's? VOTE!!
Are you pissed off that black men and women are being targeted and killed by police? VOTE!!
Are you pissed off that the federal courts are being stacked by ultra-conservative judges? VOTE!!
Are you pissed off that Ivanka made $82 million while serving as a presidential adviser? VOTE!!!
Are you pissed off that Mitch McConnell wouldn't hold a vote on Obama's pick for the Supreme Court but will rush through Trump's choice before November? VOTE!!
Are you pissed off that Donnie continues to call the media our enemies? VOTE!!

November is coming. November 6th to be exact. Mid-term election day.  One hundred thirty-two days away. Your one chance to make a real difference. Can't wait.


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