I stalked Kellyanne Conway on Twiter

I stalked Kellyanne Conway on Twiter

Tuesday seemed like it was going to be a good day. Keyword: seemed.

I went to bed on Monday night at 11pm, which is two hours early for me. I slept straight through to 7:30am. Eight and one half hours of sleep!! Can't remember when that last happened. A good start to Tuesday...a very good start.

I followed that with a call to my internet company and they solved a computer issue in less than five minutes. Things were really looking up.

I figured if things were this good, maybe I should see what's going on in the outside world. Buses and trains were on time. Fruit was on sale at the grocery store. I found a pair of glasses that were a $100 cheaper than I expected. All is good....really good.

And then I arrived at home......

It's 1:00 and time to check out Katy Tur. Hey look who is making a speech. It's Don and he's pulling out of the Iran Agreement. Now to be honest, I don't know all or even most of the deets on this deal. My guess is most of you would say the same thing. I do know that Iran got a lot of money to stop developing nukes. I know that most people, including a lot of members of his party, didn't want Donnie to do this. I know our friends in Europe didn't want him to do this. I know Iran already had the big bucks from the deal so what was the point of doing this? OY!!

I went from having a great start to the day to having a massive headache and needing to take a nap. I was having a bad Trump day...real bad.

After the nap, I was still in bad Trump day mode. I needed an outlet to get out of this mood.

TWITTER!!!! OY!!!!!

I'm a little late to the world of Twitter but lately I find myself developing a bit of an addiction. I'm pretty sure this is not going to be a healthy thing. It's probably even less healthy when you're in a bad mood or angry...probably.

While I'm browsing, I see someone I follow has re-tweeted one of our favorite presidential spokesperson, Kellyanne Conway's Tweet.


Yep, that was her reaction to the resignation of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman after an expose of his assaults against women was published in The New Yorker. Yep, apparently Kellyanne got more than a little self-righteous and forgot that she works for a man who has had his own issues with how he treats women. Sure, go on tv and support Trump every time the subject comes up but Tweet out "Gotcha" at Schneiderman, because he's not part of your circle. Btw, I'm not sticking up for Schneiderman because he deserves everything he's going to get, just not from hypocrites like Kellyanne, Don and Don Jr.

So this day that started out so great has turned to total shit and I'm not going down without a fight. I'm going to have my say. It's time to have a chat with Kellyanne Conway. A Twitter chat.

Now I didn't follow Kellyanne but I do now. All it takes is one little keystroke and voila...I'm a follower of the counsel to the President of the United States. Notice I can spell counsel which is more than her boss can do. Now I can comment to that "Gotcha" bullshit.

My replay to @KellyannePolls: "Your boss @realDonaldTrump was on tape admitting to grabbing women by the pussy. You're okay with that? Does he do that to you? That's okay with you? How's your marriage to the guy who disrespects your boss...and your job?"

I know...I know...not my best work. Maybe this is a lesson not to Tweet when you're pissed off? I also know about that when they go low, you go high thingy. Well fuck that!!! These people go low every single day and sometimes you have to get in the gutter with them. That's all they understand!!

It's almost midnight as I'm typing this up. These people have tired me out so I think I'll head off to bed. You need your rest to keep up with them. It's hard work. I need to be at my best to stalk them.

Sleep good Kellyanne....see you tomorrow.


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