The Trump administration finally gives bloggers respect...sorta

The Trump administration finally gives bloggers respect...sorta

In this strange era of Donald Trump, you have to move quick if you want to keep up. Things happen fast and end just as fast. The shelf life of a particular event is about one day. Okay...maybe a bit longer...but two or three at the most.

You don't believe me? The Stormy interview on 60 Minutes was two weeks ago. Look how many things have outraged you since then. Remember when you were pissed off at Betsy DeVol never walking into a lower achieving school? That was even longer. Was it even this year that Ben Carson or his wife tried to buy that expensive table. It's been so long in Trump-time that I really don't remember.

Today came new news from Trump bizzaro-world. This news has me especially excited. Nervous and scared as always but really excited.

According to a Forbes article, the Trump administration and the Department of Homeland Security is starting a list. Yeah, I know...another list. But this one is a list of journalists, editors, correspondents, social media influencers, bloggers etc. Yeah, I know Nixon did this decades ago but there wasn't anywhere close to the amount of media back then as there is now. Plus, there's the one keyword in this list: BLOGGERS!!!!!!!

Yep, looks like me and my ilk have finally made the big time...FINALLY...and it's about time. I thought last years "Enemy of the American People" was going to be our moment in the sun but it turned into darkness everything else. This. Is. It....maybe.

I'm really surprised it's taken so long for Don and his people to pick on bloggers. If you look at just the ChicagoNow blog site, someone is writing about Trumpian dyfunction every day. My blog, which is listed under the Health/Wellness category has written about him more than fifty times in the last two plus years. Hmmm....maybe that's my way of keeping my sanity which does fit under Health/Wellness.

Honestly, I don't think of myself as a journalist. I'm just a guy with a forum to spout out nonsense. I really thought that the closest thing to making me part of the media is that I bowl in a media league every Tuesday night. But now, with this, I think myself as well as my fellow bloggers really have arrived. We're now big time!! It's time for our fifteen minutes of fame or infamy. But that's all we'll get because tomorrow we'll be on to something else in Trump-land.

Hmmmm....maybe Betsy DeVos will resurface? We can hope.


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