Can a White Sox fan and a Cubs fan find lust, love and romance together?

Can a White Sox fan and a Cubs fan find lust, love and romance together?

Chocolate or vanilla? Coke or Pepsi? Thin crust or thick crust pizza? Jets or Sharks?

Yeah, there's all kinds of opposite interests in relationships. What if one person likes chocolate ice cream and the other likes vanilla...and we're not talking 50 Shades least not yet. At least they both like ice cream, right? What? No ice cream?! Possible deal breaker.

But what if one's Southside and the other is Northside...and we're talking Chicago baseball. Can a peaceful co-existence be forged? Is it possible?

Let's examine this by using a real couple as an example. Hmmm...since I'm writing this how about me? How

Way back in December, I met a woman. We started talking and found some commonalities. We have mutual friends, who shockingly vouched for both of us. In January, we started going out and in a few days it will be three entire months. THREE! And they said it wouldn't last. And yeah, it's that R-word. Relationship. Yeah, I know..go figure.

January, February and March go fairly smooth. Along comes April and here's that first kink...and again not a 50 Shades type of kink. It's that damn B-word. Baseball.

Yes.....she's a White Sox fan and I'm all about the Cubs. Sacrilege!

We've known about this from the beginning so it's not like it's a big surprise. Plus, it's just baseball, right? I admit it was a little disconcerting to walk into her home for the first time and see a shrine to Frank Thomas on her dining room table; but it had been so long since I had been in any woman's house, that I got over it fast. Very Fast! At least she doesn't have bottles of those steroids that Frank does commercials for in her bathroom cabinet...I think.

Besides, in those winter months, no games are being games.

But now we're two weeks into the regular season and we're trying to work this out. We tried to go to the Sox home opener. Snow. Nope!! Then we tried to see the Cubs play up in Milwaukee. Only standing room tickets were available. Uh uh!!! At least we were making an effort. Compromise for now. We'll see what happens when the two teams play each other. No promises on that.

Besides, it's only Sox-Cubs. It's not like it's Alabama vs Auburn. No trees or people will be poisoned in this rivalry. Plus, it's not like she went to school at Texas...PHEW!!!

Yanno, I'm kinda okay with the White Sox. The park is nice and comfortable. Lots of room to spread out most nights. I like their politics way better than the Cubs owners, so there's always that.

See the photo at the top of me with Sox legend Luis Aparicio. He was one of my favorite players when I was a youngster. I think she likes him, too. Hmmm....we should be able to work this out. As long as she isn't yelling out "little Looie" in passion, we should be good.



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