National School Walkout: It's the student's day

National School Walkout: It's the student's day

It's Wednesday, 10 am in Chicago and the Central time zone. Students at hundreds of high schools are walking out of their classes. They're spending seventeen minutes in silence. It's their tribute to the seventeen students killed in Florida a month ago today. It's the way they are protesting gun violence in America.

My plan for today was to take a road trip to the northern suburb where I went to high school. I was going to stand across from the students and show my support. A couple of days ago word came that the city didn't want anyone out there except the students. After thinking it over, I decided not to go to Highland Park.

The next plan was to find a local school in Chicago and head there in support. Solidarity!! This morning I changed my mind.

The National School Walkout was all about the students of the United States! They are the ones who put their lives at risk every time they walk into their school. It was about their voices being heard. While I enthusiastically support them and the walkout, they didn't need me. My job is help this day be a success without being intrusive.

Let's face it, since the shootings in Florida on February 14, the students at Parkland and throughout America have done a better job at trying to prevent gun violence in one month than the adults have in years.

The adults will have our day on March 24. That's the day we'll March To End Gun Violence. I'm sure there will be a lot of the same students marching on that day. They're showing that they will not be stopped. Their voices will not be silenced.

Over the last month I feel better about the future of America. On March 24, I hope to make the young people proud.

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