I'm trying to get off Donald Trump's email list

I'm trying to get off Donald Trump's email list

But her emails....

Yeah, we've heard a lot about Hillary's emails but what about Donald's emails? I'm not talking about his internal emails. I'm concerned about the ones he and his minions send to us. Who am I kidding...the ones he send to ME!!

Yep...I'm on the President's mailing list. I think I know how it happened. When I went to his no-show rally on Chicago two years ago, I applied for and received my ticket by email. Since then, I get something from Don or one his cronies. Every. Single. Day!!!

All I wanted to do was go to a rally to see what this clown had to say and write about him and his followers. That worked out. I didn't think I was getting into a relationship with him or his people. That's what I get for thinking.

At first, the emails didn't bother me. I just hit delete. I treated it like spam. Then I thought I'd see what he/they had to say. It was basically blah, blah, blah...and then they asked me for money. HA!! Yeah, right...more deleting.

Lately I've noticed an increase in the Trumpian emails. He has the big guns sending them now, too. Mike Pence, Scott Pruitt, Ivanka and Don Jr. It's gone from one a day to a much more annoying three...four...sometimes more. OY!!

Last week I received three emails on the same day with the same title:
"Don't You Want The Wall?"
Have you people ever met me? Don't you read my blog or Facebook/Twitter feed? To paraphrase the fomer President of Mexico...NO! I don't want your fucking wall!!! NEVER!

But the wall emails gave me an idea. I know I'll never get off their mailing list but I figured out a way to fight back. Whenever they send me an email, instead of deleting, I'm going to send them something in return. I'm now replying with a link to one of my blog posts about Donnie....and I have a lot of them!

So I went into my trash file, found a few emails about that wall and sent them this I'm Using My superpowers to impeach Donald Trump and this It was a bad week in the world of Donald Trump and this one, too President-elect Donald Trump: I'm scared.

So far I haven't got a response from their side but it's still early. I also have plenty of time to try this strategy since I've written almost 100 posts about him in the last couple of years. I guess we'll just have to wait and see where this goes. I'll keep you informed about the results....ooooops...sorry folks...got to run for now. Just got an email Jared Kushner. Hmmm.....what should I send him in reply?


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