Winter Olympics 2018: Two weeks of watching games you didn't care about

Winter Olympics 2018: Two weeks of watching games you didn't care about

It was Friday night at about 1:30 am. I was watching the United States play Sweden for a gold medal....IN CURLING!! They had just finished the third end and the bonspiel was tied at three each. We still had seven ends to go and I knew I needed to make a decision. Could I make it another two hours to see if we could win the gold or am I going to sleep. I decided to sleep but it was a tough decision and am still second guessing it.

I don't know why I'm conflicted about this because it was just Curling. Fourteen days ago I had no idea what an end is. Btw, it's the equivalent of a baseball inning except there are ten in Curling. As for bonspiel, I had never heard that term until a few hours ago. It's what the curlers call a competition. Who knew?

The funny thing about this is I got a little addicted to Curling. I watched a replay of the gold medal game even though I knew who won..FOR THREE HOURS!!! USA! USA! USA! Whew!! Plus I really enjoyed watching the Korean women's team. All Kim's!

And it's not just Curling but there were other sports I never heard of that I was glued in my chair watching. Some of the cross-country ski races were compelling. Two more hours of tv watching...done!

Then there's the event where they ski forever and stop and shoot targets. Really? Who thinks this stuff up? Let's not forget ski jumping, short track relay racing, halfpipe and skeleton.

Yeah, sure, I know I'm making fun of these sports but I also admit to watching all of them. Every night in prime time and don't tell anyone but I spent quite a few hours during the day checking them out. Yep, I was hooked on games I hadn't thought of much less seen in the previous four years and am not likely to check out again until 2022.

But...back to this Curling thing. Don't tell anyone, but I spent some time yesterday at a Curling club. They really do have these things. Lots of ice and brushes and stones and all those Curling things. They even have a big bar with alcohol. Go figure! It might be my kind of place to hang out. We'll see.

The 2018 Winter Olympics has come to an end with the closing ceremonies. I have no idea what I'm going to do tonight. Luge anyone?

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