Taking a break from the news has made me mentally heathier

Taking a break from the news has made me mentally heathier

Following politics in the United States of America is a full time job. It's also very stressful. Every day there is some sort of Breaking News event. The stress doubles...triples...whatever when you are obsessive in your need to know every single thing, every single day.

I was an MSNBC junkie. That obsession started during the last Presidential campaign. I'd wake up each morning, turn on the television and wouldn't need to change the channel. It was already on #209 MSNBC. I'd watch a couple of hours and then maybe go out for some fresh air. See what was happening with the outside world. But I always wanted to be home by 1pm central so I could hook up with Katy Tur.

I had a sickness. I wonder if there is a news addiction, because if there is, I had one.

Something changed over the Christmas/New Years holiday break. All my main news buds were gone. I couldn't find Joe & Mika. One might be there one day, but not the next. Where did they go? Stephanie Ruhl disappeared. Hallie Jackson was on vaca for two weeks. TWO! Lester Holt morphed into Kate Snow. Rachel became Joy Reid...and don't ask Rachel who. Even Brian Williams took time off from the Eleventh Hour. BRIAN, what am I supposed to do at eleven?

There was some good news about all of this. I had a revelation. If they could take a break, maybe I could, too.

It was easy at first. I was out of town for about a week and wasn't able to access my news friends 24/7. I found I didn't miss it...at least not much. Plus, I felt a little better, too. I thought maybe I should try this at home. This isn't going to be as easy.

I've been back from California for six days. The only time my tv has been tuned to channel #209 is when I first walked in the door after returning from my trip. Apparently that's what I was watching when I left a week earlier. Sheesh. I took a look at Stephanie, sighed and turned it right off.

So we're almost two weeks into this self-imposed news blackout and guess what...I feel really good! I'm not even watching the local news except to see the temperature outside so I know how many layers of clothing I'm going to need. I'm leaving the house earlier and not worrying about coming home at a particular time. I'm listening to more music and even eating out occasionally instead of watching news with a plate full of bad food on lap.

All are good things!

But....I'm starting to jones for information again. You can't totally avoid the news. Your Facebook and Twitter friends are still posting political items. Who knew Trump was a genius (shrugging shoulders)? Plus there are national and local elections coming up. I'm going to need to become informed. Yesterday, I really wanted to watch MSNBC...I mean really, really wanted. But I sucked it up...phew. Tomorrow...who knows? It's just a matter of time.

I think I'll be able to hold on for another week. An entire seven days. There's a big march coming up next weekend and I'll want info about it. Plus if I don't go, I'm going to want to watch it and what's a better place than good old channel #209. In the meantime, I'm missing my pal Katy Tur. Can someone do a guy a favor and tell her hello. I'll see her next week....maybe.


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