My Neurologist is moving on up to the east side

My Neurologist is moving on up to the east side

He's moving on up to the east side.
To a deluxe building in the sky.
Yes, he's moving on up, to the east side.
He finally got a piece of the pie.

It's been a big week for me and my doctors. Starts and ends with my urologist. A trip to the Gastroenterologist and my primary doc today. With a visit to my main Neurologist, who we'll call Dr. Jimmy fit in middle.

I met Dr. J. more than five years ago. He was my second Neurological professional. My first one had a stroke, quit practicing medicine and I went on a search for number two. It's pretty hard to find a specialist when you don't have any insurance. It's leads you to places like St. Elsewhere....errrrrrr..Stroger Hospital.

The problem with Stroger is they're so backlogged with low income people with desperate medical needs, that it takes some time to get to see a doctor. Some time=months...maybe even longer. You have to have a lot of patience. Usually that's not my strong suit. Surprisingly, it was in this case. I went to Stroger one day to register. I was told to come back the next day to maybe see a primary doctor who could recommend a specialist...and I did. Another long day of waiting led to a referral to see a new Neurologist, but with a two month waiting list. Two months became one because I kept bugging the scheduling department and was the start of a beautiful relationship.

Did you ever see the old...really old Patty Duke Show? She played teenaged identical cousins. One likes the ballet and crepes Suzette. The other liked rock and roll while a hot dog made her lose control. That's us and you can pretty much guess who is who. I call him Dr. Jimmy after a song by The Who...and after five years he still has no clue what that means.

Now just because a doctor practices at a free county hospital doesn't mean he's incompetent. In a lot of cases, they have other offices and private practices. That's true of Dr. Jimmy. Even without insurance, he let me see him at one of the other locations instead of trekking to Stroger. I appreciated it so much that when I did get insurance, I never thought twice of looking for another doctor. It paid off when I made the appointment. He has a new office in downtown Highland Park. I spent my high school years there. I can take the nice train there. It was like being home again. Both Dr. Jimmy and I are moving on up.

At this point in the Parkinson's journey, we meet once a year whether I need to do it or not. Yesterday was that day.

Our relationship starts almost like a sales call. We do a little rapport building. We both like music but different genres. We always start with that:
H: Do you know about this guy Vivaldi? I know someone who mentioned him or her.
J: Of course...blah, blah, blah, blah (which is what I heard). Been to any concerts lately?
H: Yeah. I went to Vegas to see Joe Walsh and also saw the Avett Brothers and blah, blah blah, blah (which is what he heard).

See! Kindred spirits. But now it's time to do a few tests:

J: Tremors look under control. Your balance is good. You're walking a straight line. Not walking into any walls lately? The meds seem to be working. How's the side effects?
H: No walls. No bad side effects that I know of but not's been awhile...ummmm.
J: Ummmm what?
H: Ummm well I hear those side effect pills now cost $60 a pop and that's a little pricey. I'm hopeful and optimistic for 2018.
J:'s this. You're doing great. Let's cut down the dosage on your meds and that should help. At least it'll save you some money. You'll come back this summer and we'll see how this works out. Maybe you'll get lucky on both accounts.
H: Ha ha!

You have to love a doctor who does his best to get his patient laid but more importantly, he's keeping me healthy. And that's why I keep coming back to Dr. Jimmy. That's why I'll follow him anywhere.....even to Highland Park. Yep, he did move on up to the east side. But he's happy to share his piece of the pie.

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