The irony of today's Sarah Huckabee Sanders press briefing

The irony of today's Sarah Huckabee Sanders press briefing

Do you ever watch Sarah Sanders daily press briefing? If you don't, you should. Turn on any cable news channel at around 1pm Central time. It's thirty minutes of pure entertainment. If you can get past all the lying, it's must see tv.

I admit she has a tough gig. It's her job to represent her boss to the press and indirectly to us...the American people. I actually think she does it well. The White House press reporters asks all kinds of questions and she never wavers from what 45 wants her to say. Sarah lies to them, with a straight face, and it's not like the reporters can call her on any of them. Sometimes you can see them shake their head in disbelief and then ask a pointed followup question, but Sarah usually blows it off, moves on to the next question and that's as far as that goes.

Today was an extra special performance. Sarah either earned her $165K a year salary or she stole it from the tax payers...depending on your point of view.

She always starts by making a statement before taking questions. Sarah goes off on the press and how the White House is tired of them making up stories, that they think are false, and there are no repercussions. In other words, she called them liars, RIGHT TO THEIR FACE! Not mistakes when a story turns out to be false, but liars.

Pretty ballsy move!

You know that's not going to go over well with the people sitting there....and it didn't. The early questions were all about her statement and she didn't allow follow-ups. One question per customer, which made the reporters even more angry but she didn't care about that. Sarah just answered with a smug voice and the same type look on her face.

Finally, she was asked to name someone she thought was making up false stories and she mentioned ABC reporter Brian Ross:

"I think that was pretty misleading to the American people, and I think that it's very telling that that individual had to be suspended because of that reporting. I think that shows that the network took it seriously and recognized that it was a problem."

Ross was wrong on his Flynn-Trump connection reporting and he's paying the price with a one month suspension. But there's a big difference in being wrong and making up a story. Sanders knows this and went there anyway.

Oh the irony. Oh the hypocrisy.

Recently there was a story that detailed all the lies that have come out of the White House since January's inauguration. There were more than 1100 of them and it broke down to more than five lies every day. The story was done by the failing New York Times so I guess that's one of the made up stories that offends this administration. More fake news!

Tomorrow there will be another Sarah Sanders press briefing. Same time, same station. Be prepared for more irony and more hypocrisy. Be prepared to shower after it's over because you'll feel dirty. Yep....must see tv!


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