Adios 2017: You Won't Be Missed

Adios 2017: You Won't Be Missed

We're winding down on 2017. Two days left before we get a new year. We get a fresh start.


Let's face it, 2017 sucked. To say it was stressful would be an understatement. Describing most of the stress and suckage would take only two words.


When he was elected in November 2016, we knew things were going to be least for us libtards...but we didn't think it would be this bad and stressful. If it was just his policies, that would be one thing, but it's the behavior that has us freaking out at best and at worst, thinking about moving to Mexico and hoping he'll build that wall so we can't come back.

Here's the real problem with him....we don't ever get a break from the lunacy. Something goes down EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!! If it's not Don, it's Kellyanne or Sarah, or Spicey, or Don Jr. or yada yada yada. And they're all over the place. Turn on your television and there they are. Facebook, yep. Twitter...OMFG Twitter!!! It's hard to get away.

Now I can't totally blame him for all the sucking. I have to take some of the responsibility for my year. I was looking at my blog posts for the year and found forty-six that dealt with #45 or his people. Almost one a week. What was I thinking? Plus I doubled down with my viewing habits. I wake up with Morning Joe, then an hour of Stephanie Ruhl, a little Hallie Jackson and by 10am I'm worn down. I also read the failing New York Times and the Amazon Washington Post. Oh yeah....I even watch a little Fox just to see what the enemy is thinking...or maybe just to shake my head in disbelief...or a little of both.

Man....just writing this stresses me out. You know this can't be good for your health. Since the inauguration, I've gained ten pounds, haven't done a bit of exercise and have been eating like shit. I'm bingeing on mint M&Ms as I write this.

Okay...okay...we get it. You hate Trump and you blame him for everything that went wrong this year. YEAH!!! I DO!!! Got a problem with that?

The real question is how can we make 2018 better because lets face it, he's still going to be here.

I decided that 2018 will be a year of self care. I'm changing my diet. No more candy, ice cream, pies and cookies...well at least a lot less of them. Maybe pizza on once a week instead of three times. More salads. One of my friends laughed when I told her this. We'll see who is laughing 365 days from now. I admit it might be me but it's a good thought.

I'm going to start exercising more. There's a gym at a senior center near here. WOW...those are words I never imagined saying. It costs $16 for six months. The goal is a couple of times a week. At worst, I'm out sixteen bucks.

Finally there's the news. I think it's time for a 45 least a cutback. No three hours of MSNBC in the morning. Not both the Times and Post every day. No more reacting to everything by writing about it. We'll see about that.

Ahhhhh....yanno...I feel better just writing this. Imagine how good it will be if I actually do it?

So that's the recap and a wrap for 2017 in Hippy Shakesville. I'm looking forward to 2018. Gonna head to SoCal to watch Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma win the Rose Bowl. Warm weather, looking at the Pacific Ocean and college football is a good start. Out with the old, in with the new. Thanks for reading this year. See ya sometime in January. I'll try to do better.


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