Would you play Golf with O.J. Simpson?

Would you play Golf with O.J. Simpson?

You're on vacation in Florida. You decide that you want to play a round of Golf. You grab a friend or your partner and head to the local course. You sign in and they match you up with a couple of other golfers to make a foursome. One of them is O.J. Simpson. What would you do?

Sounds pretty far fetched, doesn't it? Not as much as you think. The scene I described happens every day at golf courses throughout the USA. If you play golf, think about all the times you've been to a course and paired up with someone you don't know. It's usually not a celebrity but that could happen depending on where you're playing.

Almost thirty years, I received a last minute invite to play Golf at Torrey Pines in San Diego. It's a famous course and the home to a tournament on the PGA tour. There were just two of us and we were paired up with another twosome that included Glenn Frey of the rock band, the Eagles. Celebrity sightings in SoCal are common so it took only a few minutes to get past the giddiness and get on with the game.

See....this stuff does happen. So why O.J. and why ask this today?

Because as of a few hours, he's a free man. O.J. was released from a Nevada prison today and he says he's going to spend his time catching up with friends and family plus playing a lot of Golf. Apparently the hunt for the real killer has been put on hold.

Now lets say you're a friend/relative of Simpson....do you really want to be seen on the course with him? There's going to be a lot of paparazzi following him and having a picture taken with O.J. probably isn't such a cool thing. That makes it's likely that O.J. is going to be short a player or two or three of filling out his group and they'll be looking for people in that same situation.

I'm trying to picture the conversations I might have with him:
"Hey Juice, I saw you play when you were at SC."
"Hey Juice, I knew a couple of people who testified at your trial." (I really did. It's an LA thing)
"Hey Juice, Have you read Marcia Clark's latest novel?"

So if you're going to be in Florida and want to play a little Golf, beware of this because it could happen to you. And if it does, be careful of what you say when he hits a slice.


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