How to protect yourself from dying of Melanoma

How to protect yourself from dying of Melanoma

The story about Melanoma has always seemed simple. If you catch it early, it's easier to treat and you live. If it gets to the later stages, the treatment is much tougher and your life expectancy is about five years.

We're always taught that early detection is the key.

But now we have a new study that says not only should you catch it early, but you need to do something about it when you do find Melanoma. Well...duh!

For those diagnosed with Stage One Melanoma, here's theĀ basics of the report:
If you wait to be treated between 30-60 days after diagnose, you're 5% more likely to die.
Between 60-89 days, the percentage goes up to 16.
At 90-120 day, it rises to 29%.
And if you wait longer than 121 days, you're now 41% more likely to die than if you took care of it early.

Chilling, isn't it.

So here's what you need to do to keep yourself from dying of Melanoma:
Wear sunscreen
Learn the difference between regular and dangerous moles
Do a monthly body check for new moles.
Wear sun protective clothing, including long sleeves, hats and sunglasses.
See your dermatologist on a regular basis
And when you do find a skin cancer...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

It's that simple


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