The Texas Rangers baseball team takes advantage of the Houston disaster instead of trying to help

The Texas Rangers baseball team takes advantage of the Houston disaster instead of trying to help

I don't have a word to describe the scenes we're seeing in Texas. Horrendous seems like an extreme understatement. By the time this is over deaths may be in the hundreds and many more homes and lives will be ruined. Recovery will take years and for many, it will never happen.

Yet, in the midst of so much destruction, there are so many uplifting stories. You see people trying to help their neighbors. People with boats risking their own welfare to rescue others. Long lines of people looking to volunteer. People who have lost everything, sharing the little they have left with someone in the same situation.

The generosity of heart, soul and spirit in these situations always amazes me. True selflessness. Disasters bring out the best in most people. Keyword here is MOST because there are always people and organizations that will take advantage of a disastrous situation.

There's the usual extreme gouging for gas, water, milk and food. It's disgusting and there's a special place in Hell for these people but it's not something we haven't seen before...and we'll see it again. I haven't seen any pictures of looting yet but I imagine that's coming, too.

But the one that makes me cringe most is in the baseball world, of all places.

The Houston Astros were scheduled to host the Texas Rangers in a three game series. Obviously those games could not be played in Houston and their team had gone to Dallas to await what was going to happen next. There was a simple solution to this. Simple to everyone except the Texas Rangers.

The two teams are scheduled to play again in late September.  It's another three game, Tuesday-Thursday series. The easy answer was just switch the locations. Play in Dallas this week, Houston later. It made sense to everyone except the Texas Rangers management. They didn't want to lose the late September dates. People had already purchased tickets for these games and it would be unfair to them.

Sure...a little inconvenience to ticket holders compared to people whose lives are ruined.

The Rangers then said they'd be glad to host the games but they still wanted the September games played in Dallas. Oh btw, we'll give you the proceeds for these games. How generous?! The Astros said no and you can't blame them. Not one bit!

These are big games for Texas. They're three games behind in the battle for a playoff spot. Having three extra home games could make the difference.

Sure...a competitive advantage for our team compared to people whose lives are ruined.

Major League Baseball stepped in to decide how and where to play the games. They sent both teams to Tampa. So instead of being in Dallas, where the Houston players and management could be fairly close and monitor the situation with their families, they end up 1000 miles away. Nothing like adding to the stress of the situation.

At this moment, the teams are playing their third game in Tampa. These aren't big games for the Astros. They have an eleven game lead in their division and the best record in the American League. I'm sure their minds are on other things besides baseball and it showed in the first two games. Both were won by the Rangers.  Much needed and undeserved wins by taking advantage of the situation.

Baseball has done a great job in raising money to help the flooding victims. The Astros donated $4 million. MLB and the Player's Association have made huge contribution.

But here comes the Texas Rangers ownership. I wonder what their special place in Hell is like? Maybe it's missing the playoffs?

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