It was a bad week in the world of Donald Trump

It was a bad week in the world of Donald Trump

It was a supposed to a be a vacation for our current POTUS. Not just a weekend of Golf at one of his courses that puts our money in his family's pocket. This should have been a real time for Donnie to chill.

Renovations are being done to the White House, so they told him to get the F out for a couple of weeks. Most people on vaca go to Europe, somewhere tropical or maybe see some family. Donald Trump heads to New Jersey. That should have told us that this wasn't going to be an ordinary working vacation. Of course, it's Donald Trump...we should have known that from the beginning. Actually most of us did.

Week one went as well as could be expected. Just a few problems with Russia and calling out Mitch McConnell. No biggie. Then came a  little march with the KKK and some Nazis. BIGGIE!!! Then the shit started!

Last Sunday, all the talk was about the words the President didn't use condemning the White Supremacists groups. When you don't call out hate groups, you know you're going to take some heat...and man did he. But Don has been taking heat since January 20th so that's nothing new. Just another day.

On to Monday. Apparently his aides got to him, because #45 tried to take a do over on his remarks about the violent weekend. He finally called out the Alt-Right groups...FINALLY. Of course it didn't help that he plugged his economic wins before doing this and that this took 48 hours after the weekend events. Naturally the media gave him grief for this. You know that's just going to piss him off and when he gets that way, watch out!!

That led to Tuesday, where it got bad. Bad acid trip kind of bad! Don gets his economic advisers together to give a little statement about infrastructure. When he's done, he decides to answer questions from the press. No...No...No man, don't do it. Yep, he did. He just can't help himself. He goes back on his remarks from Monday and doubles down on Saturdays. "Good people" on the Alt-Right and "Both sides" share blame...yada, yada, yada. The only people happy to hear this crap were David Duke and Sean Hannity.

It took just a few minutes for the press to go off on him. It was led by Fox commentator Kat Timpf, who was close to tears. To say Tuesday was a bad day for Donald Trump would be like saying the years 1909 to 2015 were bad years for the Cubs. The Cubs survived. Trump, to be determined.

Wednesday, the bad press continued, as expected. Oh yeah, eight members of his manufacturing council resigned.  They were led by Campbell's Ceo Denise Morrison. Apparently she feels that aligning herself and her company with hate and prejudice is a bad way to sell chicken soup. Who knew? MMMMMM Good!

By Thursday, so many members of his two business councils had resigned that Trump decided to disband both of them. Wasn't he supposed to be the President that could get business done? But Thursday was a good day compared to what was going to happen next.

For many of us Friday is the day we start to ease off and get ready for the weekend. Yanno...a "I don't want to work I want to play the drums" kind of day. No such luck!!! Here's a quick look:
a. Steve Bannon either quit or was fired.
1. That's good news because he's out of the White House.
2. It's bad news because he's back at Breitbart where he can rile up the Alt-Right again.
b. Heather Heyer's mom said she's not taking condolence calls from Trump. She's pissed off that the President equated her murdered daughter with radical hate groups. Go figure. Who knew that would piss off a grieving mom?
c. The entire arts council resigned. All seventeen members. Looks like hate doesn't go over well with artist types. Another go figure, who knew moment. In a seven paragraph resignation later, they called for Trump to resign the Presidency and the first letter of each paragraph spelled out RESIST.
d. In a piling on moment, NBA playoff MVP Kevin Durant, of the Golden State Warriors, said he won't be going to the White House if the champions are invited.

WOW!!! Most of us don't get that much bad news in a entire year.

Well at least Saturday is the weekend. Not much could go wrong, could it I forgot who we are talking about. YIKES!!

On Saturday, the White House announced that the President and first lady will not be attending the annual Kennedy Center Honors program. This is just the fourth time a sitting President has missed this event. The other three times, they were out of the country at summits. Three of the honorees announced they were not going to attend the White House reception before the event and singer Gloria Estefan said she was going to use that forum to highlight contributions made to the United States by immigrants. You can imagine how that went over with Don.

Well kids, that's one Hell of a week! One Hell of a vacation! But it's time for #45 to head back to D.C. Time to head back to that dump of a White House. Yep, Donald Trump, our President is going back to work. Man....I think I need a vacation. I wonder what's going on in New Jersey?


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