President Mike Pence: Be careful what you wish for

President Mike Pence: Be careful what you wish for

We're a few days out from the six month mark of the Donald J. Trump presidency. How do you like it so far?

Fake news, Russia, The Wall, Russia, repeal/replace, Russia, nepotism, Russia!! Every day is overwhelming. Have you had enough yet? Yeah? You're ready to impeach? How do these words sound to you....President Michael Richard Pence? Better? Wait right there!!!

If you're a liberal, you have to know that Pence is far, far to the right. His views make Trump look like Bernie Sanders.

Let's take a look at what he thinks about sex. A couple of days ago, a story surfaced about how he feels about condoms. The views go back more than a decade but it's telling about how he wants to control personal freedoms and choices.

"If you want to ruining your life before it even gets started, go ahead and take a chance with condoms. But I say we need to ban them and make the right decision for those who clearly aren't capable of making it themselves."

Oh man...on how many different levels can we tear this apart. First, Mike is for abstinence. We get it, Mike. You're not having sex so why should anyone else? So if condoms are banned, what are people who do have sex going to use for birth control? Let me guess, you're against all forms of birth control. As you've said, "it's too liberal." realize if this happens, there will be countless unwanted pregnancies. You know that's going to raise the abortion rate through the roof, don't you? Oh yeah, you're going to repeal Roe vs abortions. So how are we going to care for all these children? I guess we can take them to Planned Parenthood? Nope...defunded!! I guess there's always help through Medicaid. Oh man, we're cutting that, too?

Sounds a little extreme and scary? Check out his radical views on climate change, LGBTQ rights, health care, immigration, campaign finance and the privatization of Social Security. He's so far to the right that he can't see the middle. And even more scary is he has a chance to get these things passed through a Republican congress because those people like him. While they barely tolerate an outsider like Trump, Pence is one of them. They can work with him.

Welcome back to the 1950's.

It's either the insanity of Trump vs the back to the Flintstones of Pence....death is not an option. So knowing all this, let me say it again...President Mike Pence. How does that sound to you now?


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