How are your New Year's Resolutions doing?

How are your New Year's Resolutions doing?

Welcome to July 2017. We're at the halfway point of the year already. Man, how did this year go by so fast? I guess we can say this about life in general, especially when you get old...older, but that's a topic for another day.

Like a lot of people I made a list of some of the things I wanted to accomplish this year. Call them goals, call them resolutions...whatever. The point of this exercise is to see how I'm doing at the 180ish day point. Plus, it might remind YOU to check and see how you're doing. I'm all about you, my readers. I'm selfless like that.

There were seven items on my list. Let's commence:

  • I wanted to see a classical music concert. Well...we're not there yet unless you count classical rock music HA! Summer is a good time for this because there are concerts within a half hour from here a few times a week...for free, too! I'm thinking this will happen later this month or in August but because I haven't done it yet and may be fooling myself about this...BUZZ!!!!
  • I wanted to go to places that I tell people I like but never go. There are places you say you like but haven't been there in years. I've been to the Zoo a few times and went to the Art Institute during the winter (thanks Pam Spano). I also went to a few movies in January and figured out I don't like doing that anymore. Attention span issues and I get antsy, but at least I tried. DING!!!
  • I wanted to learn to drive again. I went to visit a driving school for some touch up lessons. The price was reasonable and when they followed up with me, I blew them off. I don't know why because driving would help accomplish what's next on the list. BUZZZZZZ!
  • I wanted to see five new states this year. The eventual goal is to get to all fifty. I had thirteen left but I was in the Carolina's a couple of weeks ago so it's down to eleven. Two down with half the year to go. I'm planning on going to Oregon/Washington sometime this summer but that will still be only four. Close in this contest gets you a BUZZZZZZ!
  •  Finish writing my children's book. The writing has been done for a few months. I'm working on finding a way to publish it. I can self-publish if needed but that would mean finding/hiring an illustrator and I'd rather not. Still the writing, which I kept blowing off is done so this also gets a DING!!
  • I wanted to get healthier. The stomach problems I had last year seem to be much better. I haven't seen my GastroDoc in three months. Sad cuz we kind of have a crush on each other but I guess it's a good trade-off. I have gained eight unneeded pounds but no biggie. I give this one a DING!!!
  • I wanted to stop procrastinating. This is a tough one to score. I've done three on this list with three to go so that sounds like a push. However, I wanted to do this piece back in March and it's taken three additional months to get to it. biggie. I still give it a push.

So that's a look at my 2017 goals. I think I'm doing okay. Could be better, could be worse and there's still plenty of time to get them done. But what about you? As Joey on Friends would say, "How you doin'"


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