Donald Trump: Have we hit rock bottom yet?

Donald Trump: Have we hit rock bottom yet?

In less than a year we've gone from "Grab em in the pussy" to “I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock.” Strange days people...strange days, indeed.

In the last six months, we've come to expect the bizarre and aren't surprised by anything out of D.C. Today was bizarre and surprising.

It started with Trump sicking his Interior Secretary on Alaska Senators with withholding of federal funds for their state because Senator Lisa Murkowski voted against the Republican health care bill. Murkowski basically told Trump to go to Hell by putting on hold some of his nominees for jobs.

Next, the Republican senate members are trying to pass a health care law that they hate and don't want it to become law.

But the strangest of the strange was when the New Yorker published an interview with new White House Communications chief and the main mouthpiece for 45, Anthony Scaramucci. In the piece, which occurred because Scaramucci called writer Ryan Lizza, Mooch dropped five F-bombs, a couple of cock-blocks and the above quote about Steve Bannon trying to do something every guy wishes they could do.

I'm not offended by the language. I know and have used those words...well except for cock-block. Don't tell anyone but I've said fuck in this blog. Shocking, right? But...the big difference is I don't work in the White House. It's a building that represents all of us and we expect a certain decorum coming out of there. I guess that's changed in the last six months.

In the real world and in every other White House an interview like this would be a fireable offense. In this White House, Mooch and his boss were most likely exchanging fist bumps.

Every day something new comes from this administration....something worse. I always wonder if we've hit rock bottom. There's a strange thing about getting all the way down there. When you hit what you think is the floor, you tend to find mud and muck underneath that. That's the real rock bottom and I don't think Don and his boys have got that yet. To use a word that would make these guys proud...pretty fucking scary.


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