Miguel Montero becomes an American citizen

Miguel Montero becomes an American citizen

It was a horrible night for a ball game in Chicago. It started ninety minutes late because of the weather. Rain and the temperature in the 40's is a bad combination. The Phillies scoring seven runs in the first two innings didn't help. SEVEN! All of the above meant it was going to be a short night for most of the fans, myself included.

Before the fourth inning, they were showing highlights of Cubs Catcher, Miguel Montero. If you aren't familiar with Montero, he's now in his eleventh season in the major leagues. The first eight were with the Arizona Diamondbacks and the last three with the Chicago Cubs. He's been a two time all-star and he played a big role in the Cubs winning the World Series last year.

The board showed his Grand Slam home run that won the first game of the National League Championship series against the Dodgers. Next was his single that drove in an insurance run that turned out to be the game winner in the seventh game of the World Series against Cleveland. Then he was shown celebrating after the final out of that game with his teammates. As the highlights ended, the board flashed a message, "Miguel Montero became an American citizen today."

It took a moment for the fans to put it together but when they did Montero got a big ovation and he was shown waving his hat in appreciation of the applause and in celebration of his new citizenship.

2017 is an interesting time to decide to become a citizen of the United States. The country is divided because of politics. We've always heard the line that someone is moving to Canada if so and so candidate gets elected. It's usually just talk. But it's actually happening now. I know two people who went to Mexico and another who did go to Canada. Some others who are from European countries are talking about going back.

At a time when people are so disillusioned with the USA that they want to leave, Miguel Montero and his wife Vanessa, who also became a citizen today, are all-in.

Obviously, Montero's situation is different than 99% of the population.For the last half decade, his salary has been more than $10 million a year. In his career, he's made more than seventy million dollars. Baseball has been very, very good to him. He has the money to set up his family for generations to come. While so many people in this country are living paycheck to paycheck, Montero is living the American dream time one thousand.

When you add in that he came from Venezuela, a country that is dealing with massive poverty and crime, especially against their wealthy athletes, the USA has to look great to him. It's a reminder that things here aren't as bad as we think. It could always be worse.

It was a tough night for the Cubs and Miguel Montero. The Phillies beat them 10-2. Montero even played an inning at first base for the first time in his career. But while it was a bad night, the day for Miguel Montero and his family was a great one. Maybe the best in his life.

The last time I wrote about baseball, The Cubs had just won the World Series.

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