How did you celebrate "Louie Louie" Day?

How did you celebrate "Louie Louie" Day?

Happy Louie Louie Day. Really...and it's not just Louie Louie Day. It's INTERNATIONAL Louie Louie Day!! Wow. People all of the world are celebrating. All seven continents!!

How did you celebrate? Did you watch Animal House? Did you listen to the song? Did you sing along and if you did, did you sing the dirty lyrics?

I know you're saying to yourself, wtf is he rambling about? There can't be such a thing? But there really is...REALLY! I'm pretty sure this day was started by someone around my age, who had a band in Junior High School, and they were suspended for singing the song at a school dance. And I know it's silly but it's not any sillier than some of the other made up days or months.

Coming up in May, we have Star Wars Day, World Turtle Day and my personal fave, Zombie Awareness Month. Later this year, we'll have days for all different kinds of pie, National Honey Bee Day and about a week before Thanksgiving there's World Toilet Day, although I think a better day for that would be the day after Thanksgiving.

Although these days are fun, I think they take away from the serious causes. The ones that could use the awareness and funding. Did you know that International Louie Louie Day shares the holiday with World Parkinson's Disease Day? You do now.

I also have a problem with some of the real awareness days. April is Parkinson's Awareness Month. We're now in the middle of Parkinson's Awareness Week. Add in PD Day and it all seems like overkill. Maybe that's why a guy who has Parkinson's and writes a blog where Parkinson's Disease is one of it's main focuses is writing about a song instead of the disease on this day....maybe.

So I'm going to enjoy the last hour or so of International Louie Louie Day. I'm very excited about May and Zombie Month. Do they play "She's Not There" and "Time of the Season" all month?

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