How much would you pay to see Obama's final speech?

How much would you pay to see Obama's final speech?

Barack Obama's Presidency ends in ten days. Love him or hate him, his eight years will be over and we're moving on. Tonight he comes home to Chicago to give his final speech to the nation. He most likely will play up his accomplishments and talk about what he thinks the future will be for the nation.

It's a can't miss event and a very hot ticket. It's Hamilton-esque. To get one of these tickets, you had to go down to McCormick Place, get in line at 6am, wait two hours until they opened, and then hope there would be enough tickets for you to get one and only one. Thousands of people left disappointed.

And oh yeah...I should have mentioned that this was on last Saturday when the wind chill temperature was about 500 degrees below zero. Welcome to January in Chicago.

And oh yeah part two...if you were lucky enough to get a ticket, it was FREE!!

While I'm not exactly a weather wuss, I didn't want to get up at 5ish to maybe wait outside for two hours, so I didn't go down there last weekend. But, I am...well was interested in seeing the speech. So I went to Craigslist to see if people were selling these free tickets. Ummmm....yeah!!

I found this! There are 300 ads for people selling their tickets. THREE HUNDRED!!! Vultures!

Now I don't mind people trying to make a buck but this was more than a little ridiculous.

This is one of my favorites......
My fiancé and I are HUGE Obama fans and decided to brave the cold this morning to line up for tickets here in Chicago. After both getting a ticket, we made the tough decision tonight to instead sell our tickets to help finance our wedding/honeymoon instead (the things we do for love, right?).As anyone interested in buying can imagine, this decision is tough, so if you do end up buying, please do us justice by truly appreciating this monumental occasion... we'll be living vicariously through you all!!

How sweet, right? What this paragraph of love doesn't say is the tickets are two grand...EACH!!


Here's another one that I like....
My wife and I woke up at 4 am and went to McCormick Place on Saturday. We were one of the first people to get tickets. We have a kid on the way and are in more need of the money. We are selling the pair of tickets for $5000.

Sigh...dude! You're wife is preggers and you made her get up at four, in the bitter cold, to wait in line, yada, yada, yada? You're a great husband and will probably be an even better father!

Yep...this same scenario goes on and on and on. There's even a guy with two tickets. Buy one and it's $5000 but if you buy them both he'll give you the Obama corporate discount of $9k. What a guy! Such a deal!

If I'm spending nine thousand bucks there better be an airplane, a tropical location and exotic naked women involved. Just sayin'.

There is a whole lot better and much cheaper solution....turn on your television. Grab a glass of wine, make some good snacks and pick out the channel of your choice (it'll be on at least ten networks) and watch the thing from the comfort of your home. It may not be as exciting as being there in person but you will feel a lot better with thousands of dollars in your pocket instead of giving it to some dude going on his honeymoon.

Yanno....I feel better about this already. Thanks Obama!


Here's a post about the Affordable Care Act. Thanks Obama....really!

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