From "When I'm 64" to Medicare

From "When I'm 64" to Medicare

I was born in 1952. The olden days. Back to the time when kids walked two miles to school in a blizzard and were happy to do it. Back in the days when people made distinctions about owning a black & white or color television...if they even owned one at all.

Okay...okay...we get it. You're getting up there in age.

In 2016, I made it to the golden age of 64. So did almost all of my former classmates.

I lived in different Chicago suburbs for elementary school and high school and maintain relationships with both groups. Not to mention college. OY!

I'm estimating 600 former classmates turning 64 last year...WITH FACEBOOK PAGES!

And what happens when you hit that age? Someone will play "When I'm 64" for you. Pretty original? Pretty cool? You might think that but not so much...well except for the live version my daughters played for me on June 11th. There always is one exception.

I know...I're thinking he's dissing a Beatles song? He's dissing a Beatles classic? Well kids, go to YouTube and play the tune. Then play it again. Then do that for the next 36something days left in this year. Capisce?!

So that brings us to 2017. Happy New Year everyone. Let's hope it's better than last year. No more "When I'm 64". What does this year bring? MEDICARE!!

Yep....all those 64ers are turning 65. The magic number for least until January 20th and then we'll see.

And guess what...people are already letting us know they've got their Medicare cards. ALREADY!! I've counted it twelve times in the first couple of days into the new year. TWELVE!!

Let's do the math...12 divided by 2 times 365 = A FUCKING LOT!!!

Hey.....I'm happy you're getting Medicare. I'm happy you're alive to get Medicare. But I really don't need to know that you received your card. I'm going to assume you did. I know all about the assume thing meaning it just makes an ass of u and me but I'll take being an ass over hearing about your Medicare cards 600 times this year. Capisce?!

Phew...I'm glad we got this settled before it went too far. Yanno....all this Medicare talk has me yearning for the days of "When I'm 64".


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