I hate Christmas music

I hate Christmas music

It's that season again! It's the time of the year for some really bad music. Yep....it's Christmas time and here it comes again.

You can't avoid it. It's everywhere. It's in your car. It's in every store. It really is everywhere. Christmas music....BAH HUMBUG!!!

I wouldn't mind so much if there were more good Christmas songs but for every Bruce Springsteen "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" there are ten Kenny G's. For every Darlene Love "Merry Christmas, Baby" there's the Rod Stewart Christmas album. I really cringe every time I hear Paul McCartney wish me a Wonderful Christmas time. C'mon man....the Queen didn't give you title of Sir to play that crap!

And even the good ones are only good for a listen or two each year. What would you think if you went to a Don Henley concert and he started playing "Please Come Home for Christmas"? I'd be at the box office asking for a refund.

Then there's Mariah Carey and "All I Want For Christmas Is You".

I was in a Walgreens earlier this week and started to get a headache. I thought it was the election results again but then I noticed this song was playing.....and to make it worse...it was the duet with Michael Buble. All I wanted for Christmas was for this song to be over and done....forever!

And then there was the night of November 29, 2016. Neil Diamond was one of the guests on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I'm not a big fan of Neil's but he does have a lot of songs I can listen to without getting sick. However........

Neil was on the show to plug his new album, "Acoustic Christmas".

OY!! Sigh! Are you fucking kidding me?

Neil...dude...you're 75 years old. This is your fifth Christmas album. FIVE!!!! You don't need the money. YOU'RE JEWISH!!! Don't do it! Just stop!!

More sighing....he couldn't help himself. Neil Fucking Diamond was singing some Christmas song. I'd give you more details about it but I zoned out on the segment after throwing up. What's next...he's going to do a duet with Barbra Streisand of "Silent Night"?


My blogger friend Mary Tyler Mom says no to Christmas music before December 18. I'm not as tolerant as MTM. December 23rd works better for me. Three days is enough. If you could tell me it would only be for those three days, I'd gladly welcome Sir Paul, Sir Rod, Kenny G and the rest of them into my life. I'm shuddering as I typed that but it would be okay.

Then I could get on with my life and start complaining about New Years music. Damn that Dan Fogelberg and his "Same Auld Lang Syne"

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and try to listen to the new Rolling Stones album of Blues covers. They don't have any Christmas albums, do they? Phew!


If you don't believe there are some really REALLY bad Christmas songs, check out these awful Ten Christmas Tunes.

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