Donald Trump's election victory took the joy out of the Cubs winning the World Series

Donald Trump's election victory took the joy out of the Cubs winning the World Series

Pooh: I'm so sick of this election. Trump, Hillary, Bannon, Hannity, MSNBC. Has baseball started yet?
Piglet: It's still November.
Pooh: Fuck!

I'm sitting in a Starbucks in Wrigleyville. It's about a block from Wrigley Field. For about a week, it was the happiest place on Earth. Wrigley Field, not Starbucks.

It's now two weeks since the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. It's been a week since Donald Trump won the election. Time for a little reflection.

The Cubs won their first World Series championship in 108 years. For days afterwards, fans were flocking to Wrigley Field. It was all smiles except for the tears of joy. Also tears of remembrance for friends and family who were no longer around to witness the moment. You couldn't be there and not feel good. I'd wake up and my first thought was it's time to go to Wrigley. It was better than going to Disney....and cheaper.

And then came last Tuesday night. November 8. 2016. Election day.

I knew the pilgrimage was going to come to end. Construction on the park and the nearby area needed to get started. People needed to get back to their every day lives. Winter is near. But it ended so suddenly.

Last  Wednesday there was a pall of despair in the neighborhood. It was eerily quiet. The crowds had thinned. Their smiles weren't as wide. Everything had come to a halt.

Was it Donald Trump winning the election? YES!!! At least it was for me.

I was pretty sure I wasn't the only one to feel it. I asked around.
Tracy:"The election took away all the joy."
Mark: "I forgot how happy I was a week ago."
I knew it wasn't just me...not that it makes me feel any better.

Now I know the two events aren't interconnected. The Cubs championship doesn't have anything to do with Trump winning the election, other than Hillary being a Cubs fan, sorta, maybe. There is no karma involved. No guilt.

It's just sad that the ecstasy lasted one entire week while the agony will go on for who knows how long. Decades? As my blogger friend Kathy said on her Facebook page, "I didn't get to enjoy my Cubs buzz long enough."

And talking about the Cubs, I'm more than a little miffed at them, too. The Rickett's family sent money to Trump. Lots of money. It's pissed me off enough that I decided not to buy a World Series Champions Cubs cap. I didn't feel like putting 30 bucks in their radical Republican pockets.

I sure hope that $30 doesn't stop them from signing Jake Arrieta. Oh yeah...then there's Jake...pfffft






I know it'll get better. Well....I really don't know that but I'm somewhat hopeful. It's that Cubs wait til next year optimism, we all had. The problem is next year was here.


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