Is It Okay To Meet A Woman Through Your Therapist?

Is It Okay To Meet A Woman Through Your Therapist?

Meeting people of the opposite sex isn't easy. I hear folks complaining about it all the time...both guys and gals.

I'm kind of burned out on dating sites. You see the same people on all the different ones. There's a sports bar 30 feet from where I live. The Blackhawks have even brought the Stanley Cup there one time. Problem is everyone there is 30ish and drunk. That wouldn't have been an issue for me at one time but this isn't that time.

Plus there are a lot of misconceptions out there about what guys want. A lot of women think we just want to have sex with them. Not true! We're hoping they have some money and can also cook.

I don't know what women really want from a guy. If I did, I probably wouldn't be writing this and you'd have two minutes of your life back. Sorry about that.

At this point in my life, my standards aren't all that high. If she can breathe on her own, we're good. And oh yeah...I have recently added a few. It would be nice if she didn't know anyone I know. No friends, relatives, acquaintances, bloggers, ect. Kind of been there and done that. Shit, that pretty much eliminates every possibility. Oh yeah...can't be married either, although my favorite women in my life are married.

Which leads us to today...just a couple of hours ago.

I'm at my weekly therapist appointment....yeah I know, you're reading and thinking he really needs this. It's at an office where the floor has five therapist, all in private practice. Since most sessions start and end at the top of the hour, you occasionally run into someone coming and going. I've never chatted up one of my fellow psyche people...until today.

At the end of today's session, I'm waiting for the elevator and there's this woman I've never noticed before. Dark black hair with a little touch of gray, thin, wearing nice skinny jeans, really pretty. No idea if she has any money or can cook. It's kind of early for that.

She also has on these cute red leather athletic shoes. Hey....I have on red Converse's, too. Being the suave dude that I am (quit rolling your eyes), I mention that to her and she's laughing. The laugh leads to a little talking. Good thing the elevator in this building is old and slow.

We're chatting and flirting during the elevator ride. When we left the building, we headed in the same direction and passed this coffee shop. I gathered up the courage and asked if she wanted something. Seriously, this never happens.

So we spent 15 minutes together drinking tea and went on our way....and yeah names and phone numbers were exchanged.

On the way home, I started thinking...always an iffy proposition. Do you really want a meet a person through your therapist? Is that crazy....and I mean really CRAZY!!!  Let's face it, we're both there because we have issues, right? It does seem like a bad idea although did I mention she's realllllllllly pretty?

I guess I have a week to think this through...and so does she. I was going to skip the next appointment plus was planning on quitting therapy at year's end but what the Hell...I never figured on my therapist's office becoming a pickup joint. I now have a couple of reasons to keep going.


Here's a story I wrote about a year ago on dating and sex. After the combination of these two, I'll really be undateable.

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