The Downside Of Riding Public Transportation

The Downside Of Riding Public Transportation

My guess is you're looking at the title and thinking, what's the upside of riding pub trans? After today, who knows?

I've been riding public transportation for decades. Usually nothing happens....usually. You get on your train or bus, have a seat, get to your location, get off and go about your business. No I said usually.

If you do it long enough you're going to see stuff...interesting...weird stuff. I've seen women snorting Coke at midnight. I've seen a girl going down on her boyfriend...Oh God...I hope it was her boyfriend...also at midnight. All this means is I need to stop riding the Red Line at midnight.

But really...other than a couple of guys jumping in front a train, I haven't had an experience that has left me scarred. Disgusted yes...broken, not so much.

My plans for today included going to the beach. There's this beautiful spot in Edgewater where you can sit on a bench, read and watch the waves. I have this James Patterson book I wanted to read. I figured an hour is enough time to get through 300 of his pages and there isn't a better spot than the Lake to do this.

The trip to the beach includes a bus ride on the 77 Belmont bus. It's the one you see in the photo at the top.

I jump on the bus, take a seat and immediately smell something bad. I take a quick look at my shoes, nope that's not it. Oh man, it's the guy sitting next me. Damn! Shit!

I notice people are moving away from us. Really folks, it's not me. I took a shower an hour ago. Good thing my stop was coming up...a real good thing.

Let's go to the beach. Really by going to the beach I mean, let's go to the new Whole Foods and see what kind of samples they have for lunch. Good day today....burgers, shrimp, fruit, pastries. I did stop at the beach but only because it was on my way back home. No Patterson.

On the way back I decided I need to buy some groceries. By groceries, I mean Hostess Cupcakes and Twinkies...and not single servings but the ten pack. It means another bus down Broadway which drops me in front of the grocery store.

I jump on the #36 bus grab a seat and I immediately smell something bad. This time I really think it's me. I figured the smell from the first dude rubbed off on me. I'm bumming out thinking I may have to burn my clothes but that wasn't it. It was the dude sitting in front of me.

Are you fucking kidding me?!?!

One time is bad. Twice in one never happens...NEVER! Well, never until today.

I get to the grocery store, which is a Walmart store...I guess it serves me right for going there. I walk in and the song playing is ELO's "Don't Bring Me Down".

I took this as a sign. I got my Hostess products and got the Hell out of there. I walked outside, held up my hand and grabbed a taxi. Ten bucks not to ride another bus. The driver did talk to me the entire ride but I kept shaking my head up and down like I was listening. I couldn't tell you a word the dude said.

Thankfully I made it home and as soon as I finish this novelette, I'm going to take a long, long hot shower.

Yanno.....I really should learn to drive again.

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