Billy Joel Plays Wrigley Field....Again


I wasn't expecting much from this concert and I got what I expected.

pianoman Billy Joel made his second concert appearance at Wrigley Field last night. The first was a few years ago as part of a tour with Elton John. The two great pianists played together, helped on each other's songs and even did solos of the other's tunes. It was a great idea. Sometimes great ideas don't work out and this was one of those times.

I remember leaving and thinking about how old Billy and Elton were and it made me feel older, too.

Last night was pretty much the same. If you're a Billy Joel fan you got to hear all the songs you love. Everything from Piano Man to Allentown to New York State of Mind. All great songs but we've heard them many times.

To get ready for the show, I listened to his Greatest Hits album. The set list was pretty close to the album...and it sounded pretty close, too.

A few months ago there was a Facebook question....Billy Joel, cool or not. The answers were mixed.

Anyone who could write "The Stranger" and get Christie Brinkley has to be a little cool. But that was in the distant past and that's where this concert belonged.


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