A Sad Day In Music: My Ipod Has Gone Across The Great Divide

ipod This is my Ipod. I have no idea what generation it is and neither did the people at The Apple Store. All I know is I bought it used in 2006 for $50. I've certainly got my money's worth. No complaints from me.

The last few weeks have been tough for us. The Ipod hasn't been holding it's charge very long. Seems that it's been losing energy very quickly. I've been giving it a lot of juice but we both have known it's been on it's last legs.

Thursday morning I couldn't get it to turn on. No matter what I did, nothing..nada...zip!!

I took it to the Apple store to see if a tech could help. She tried a few times and was finally able to get it back to life. She told me the battery was gone and this was pretty much it.

I looked at her and the Ipod and shook my head in acceptance. It was a temporary solution but I pretty much signed the DNR papers.

On a serious note, the Ipod has really filled a need the last couple of years. My Parkinson's is at it's worst in the early am when I wake up. I have about a minute of very heavy shaking....bad tremors. I usually grab the Ipod, find something fairly calming and after 10 minutes I'm okay and ready to start the day.

I've already been online looking for a new Ipod but it won't be the same. This was my first one.

I'm going to miss The Beatles, The Band, Jimi, Sheryl Crow....well maybe not so much Sheryl.

Goodbye my friend...

"Across the great divide. Just grab your hat and take that ride. Get yourself a bride and take your children down to the river side."


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    Howard Moore

    Last June I hit the magic age of 60. Almost immediately I found myself not feeling as well as usual. Go figure, I mean, I am 60 years old, whether I want to admit it or not!! But then strange symptoms started to occur. A friend, who is a doctor, told me to get checked out....Voila...Parkinsons. That's what this is all about. Living every day with this. Personal info... I'm 60 divorced with 2 daughters in their early 20's live in the city...lakeview area...grew up in the north burbs. Lived in So. California for 13 years...may go back...I hear winters are warm there!! :-)

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