Parkinson's Awareness Month:30 Days-30 Stories: Day Eighteen- Alternative Treatments

One of my main concerns in my almost two year battle with Parkinson's has been taking traditional Parkinson's medications. I felt the longer I could go without them, the better off I'd be.

That came to an end in January. My neurologist felt I needed something to control tremors. I wasn't happy but agreed. It lasted about a month.

From day one, I was experience nausea and vomiting. was coming out the other end, too. I had trouble keeping any food down.

I reported what was happening and was told it was normal. A week is not enough time.Your body will get used to it. It didn't. After a month, I had enough. I was dumping my med and looking for some alternative treatment.

There are all kinds of alternative treatments. They range from special diets to different forms of exercise.

Turns out I was already doing some of the alternative treatments, I just didn't realize it. They are art and music therapy. I started taking a meditation class, twice a week. I feel very relaxed and refreshed afterwards. I started doing Yoga but all it did was add to muscle and joint pain. I stopped before I really injured myself and found a stretching class. That helps but I need a little more.

Last week I posted a video in which Linda Ronstadt told Dan Rather that she was taking natural medications. Same issue as me...side effects. She wasn't specific about what she is taking, but did mention that it only worked for a few hours before it wears off.

When deciding on an alternative treatment program, you need to ask a lot of questions.

What is the treatment? How does it work? Is there evidence that it works? Are there risks? Are there possible side effects? What's the costs?

I weighed the pros and cons and decided that this could work for me. At least for now. Tomorrow may be another story.


Tomorrow- Maurice White

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