Parkinson's vs The Common Cold

I was at the grocery store two days ago. Over the loudspeaker was an announcement for flu shots. I thought it was a little early in the season. A few minutes later, I sneezed three times. Hmmmm...maybe it wasn't early enough.

I have a cold. It's a bad one. It could be the flu since I'm chilled and sweating but let's call it a cold. I's my first one in a couple of years. It's my first normal illness since the Parkinson's diagnosis of about a year ago.

I was wondering how it would feel? Would having PD make a simple cold feel worse?

Let's do a simple comparison and see what seems worse to me (after all, it is my blog!)

1. Shaky Hands vs Stuffy, runny nose - Winner NOSE.

2. Balance Problems vs Achy Body - Winner ACHY BODY

3.Problems Writing vs High Temperatures/Sweats - Winner TEMPERATURE & SWEATS. Quick disclaimer...the 90 degree outside temperatures adds to the sweats. Another disclaimer...the writing issues makes it hard to read the original version of this piece. The disclaimers even out.

4, Voice Issues/ Occasional Problems Forming Words vs Sore Throat/Problem Talking - Winner Let's call this one a draw.

Clearly the winner is the COMMON COLD!!!

The good news is the cold and it's symptoms will be gone by the weeks end.

All that will be left is the Parkinson's...........


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    Howard Moore

    Last June I hit the magic age of 60. Almost immediately I found myself not feeling as well as usual. Go figure, I mean, I am 60 years old, whether I want to admit it or not!! But then strange symptoms started to occur. A friend, who is a doctor, told me to get checked out....Voila...Parkinsons. That's what this is all about. Living every day with this. Personal info... I'm 60 divorced with 2 daughters in their early 20's live in the city...lakeview area...grew up in the north burbs. Lived in So. California for 13 years...may go back...I hear winters are warm there!! :-)

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