I Love A Parade

In case you've been out of the country, under a rock, or simply don't care about sports, last Monday, the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. Tomorrow, there will be a parade and celebration downtown. It starts at the United Center and works its way to the festivities at Grant Park.

Let's take a look at the logistics involved in attending this event. In 2010, when the Hawks last won the championship, there were supposedly TWO MILLION  people downtown. More people came out to see this than came out to see the Pope. Really!! Tomorrow, even more are expected.

It's not going to be an easy day. Expect delays and wall to wall crowding. If you can handle that, you may be able to handle this.tant

The most important piece of advice is YOU ARE NOT DRIVING DOWNTOWN!! Even on a normal work day, driving there is a major pain in the ass. Think about what it will be like tomorrow. If you live in the burbs, drive to a train and take public transportation. I know it's scary, but man up!! It'll be crowded and smelly, even on Metra, but c'mon, it's a Parade and the Stanley Cup.

Now since I normally write about health issues, let's see how this will affect me. Afterall, it is my column, right?!

I can get to Grant Park in about 20 minutes. That's a plus. DING!   The trains will be jammed. The platform and stairs will be overflowing with people. Big minus even on normal days. BUZZ!!  The walk to the park will be bumper to bumper- Bigger minus-BUZZ BUZZ!  The crowd at the park will be claustrophobic-another minus- BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ!   The ride home will be with people desperate to get the hell out of the area- huge minus-BUZZZZZZZZ!!!

But I really do like a parade and a celebration. Columbus Day, 4th of July, Christmas, Passover...I'm there. This will be even better. However, this will be covered by every television station in town-DING DING DING DING -WINNER!!!

It's an easy decision for me. Put on my Blackhawk cap. Put on my #88 sweater. Get a cold drink. Turn on the tv and a/c. Sit back and watch it all in comfort.

The Pride Parade is coming up on Sunday. It's one of my favorites.  More helpful hints upcoming?

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