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To the IVF dad not happy about his twins

Our society is often criticized because of our “over-sensitivity”. Some say we’ve become a bunch of politically correct mamby pambies who boo hoo over simple things like . . . not tolerating racism. I for one, think our world is better for our boo-hooing. Without the free exchange of ideas on the Internet, how are... Read more »

9 Easy Steps To Escape Poverty (Step One: Be White!)

I read an infuriating article, Things That Trigger Your Class Rage by self-disclosed middle class member, Tracy Moore. The tone was basically one of indignation that Moore’s friends came from more affluent backgrounds and her “rage” about them being ivy league educated and well traveled. Moore was neither of those things and she blames it... Read more »

Wine v. Pot: The Perennial Debate (Oh, and Wine Totally Wins)

Heyyyy potheads! Try to pull yourself away from your Salividor Dali paintings and Magic Eye books and rap with me. Why do you mess around with that stinky lung fog when you could be enjoying a nice, tasty, legal glass of wine? I am so confused by you! Smoke is gross. Besides, unless you’re a... Read more »

Audi Super Bowl Ad: Not Sexual Assault, Quit Being Offended Internet

I consider myself a pretty liberal person. I write feminist things and piss off conservatives. I also stuffed my face with nachos and watched the Super Bowl with half all of America last night. We all cringed through the nasty GoDaddy ad with the suck-face noises strangely cranked up on high. At least, everyone in... Read more »

Obama second term: Gun control

Remember that time in college when you popped a bottle of champagne after the news outlets called the election for “President Al Gore” and you and all your buddies turned off the teev and went to bed feeling smug? And then you woke up to a hangover that lasted eight years? Well that didn’t happen... Read more »

CTU Strike: Okay, you made your point. END IT NOW.

I had the opportunity to be on WGN TV’s Politics Tonight show this evening and the host asked me, “at what point will your opinion of the strike change?” Look, a lot of us came out swinging for the teachers. I taught my kids to make the solidarity fist at the picket line and a... Read more »

How is Chicago celebrating the CTU strike? Cupcakes, of course.

Behind the grit of the Chicago Teachers’ Union strike is the strong promise of change ’round here. As far as I’m concernd, the strike is just the inevitable hurdle of a city moving in the right direction. Education is important to our new mayor and of course, teachers care about teaching. Teachers are not, however,... Read more »

CPS teachers' strike: Explaining labor unions to preschoolers

When the bell rung and doors flew opened at our Chicago public school yesterday, a teacher yelled, “check the news!” and 20 preschoolers filed out to their parents with serious looks on their faces. First, they were adorable. I just love seeing toddlers in giant backpacks that make them look like ninja turtles. One little... Read more »

Christian lessons any ole agnostic can appreciate

I got into some debate with a few friends the other day about religion. It was a peaceful discussion where both sides respectfully acknowledged their differences and skipped away arm in arm. Ha! I had made a case for the practical applications of Buddhism via the rad writings of a nun named Pema Chodron. The... Read more »

$250k is wealthy? How about a "grandparent" tax!

The nation is in turmoil, guys. We’re poor. In an effort to resolve this, a tax policy on families making over $250,000 a year is being hotly debated. Some say that amount of money is CRAZY PANTS and anyone making that should set sail on their fancy jet from their third luxury home straight back... Read more »