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I hate character kids' clothes! I SAID IT OUT LOUD.

I hate kids clothing with Disney crap on it. I know, this topic is a source of controversy on these here internets because what isn’t in the age of Click Hole and the mommy wars, but try not to murder me in my sleep. There’s a camp who thinks their kids wearing clothing with brand... Read more »

In defense of Thug Kitchen: Look at Iggy Azalea

There has been an uproar of accusations of cultural appropriation after the internet found out the writers behind vegan blog Thug Kitchen are white. Not only are the vegan bloggers white, but they are white hipsters. The nerve. Apparently these bloggers are guilty of cultural appropriation because they swear a lot (sample recipe: “yeah, garlic and... Read more »

Audi Super Bowl Ad: Not Sexual Assault, Quit Being Offended Internet

I consider myself a pretty liberal person. I write feminist things and piss off conservatives. I also stuffed my face with nachos and watched the Super Bowl with half all of America last night. We all cringed through the nasty GoDaddy ad with the suck-face noises strangely cranked up on high. At least, everyone in... Read more »

Mom Ego: We're All Being Catfished

A curiously familiar guest was on Dr. Phil yesterday, a platinum blonde “victim of slut-shaming”. Her husband or boyfriend or whoever was on there saying he didn’t like her sexxxy actions on the Internet. Cut to a few pics of her making duck faces and then back to her saying how sad it made her... Read more »

QUIZ: Are You Doing Okay? I Mean Compared To Kimye?

Guys, we live in a world where home made sex tapes launch legit celebrity careers that reward reality stars with millions of dollars for standing around getting pregnant. Since none of what I just said is an exaggeration and the rest of us with dignity or poor dads have to go to school and get... Read more »

Nick Jr.: The slow descent into the claws of an angry mob

Moms, you know you’ve been there. You finally stuff the kids into bed after a day of crumbs, cries and stamping out fires. You sink into the couch and zone out like a survivor. Ten minutes passes and you realize you’ve been watching Dora. Alone. This was me last night, but behold, it wasn’t Dora.... Read more »

Nick Jr. drama: Parents enraged over some cartoons "retiring"

Do you care what’s on Nick Jr? I mean, I assume you don’t want your toddler watching violent murder scenes or Rush Limbaugh rants, but children’s programming could be a blank screen for all I care because I use TV for getting a chance to clean the kitchen and check my email. Apparently my simply... Read more »