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Audi Super Bowl Ad: Not Sexual Assault, Quit Being Offended Internet

I consider myself a pretty liberal person. I write feminist things and piss off conservatives. I also stuffed my face with nachos and watched the Super Bowl with half all of America last night. We all cringed through the nasty GoDaddy ad with the suck-face noises strangely cranked up on high. At least, everyone in... Read more »

Mom Ego: We're All Being Catfished

A curiously familiar guest was on Dr. Phil yesterday, a platinum blonde “victim of slut-shaming”. Her husband or boyfriend or whoever was on there saying he didn’t like her sexxxy actions on the Internet. Cut to a few pics of her making duck faces and then back to her saying how sad it made her... Read more »

QUIZ: Are You Doing Okay? I Mean Compared To Kimye?

Guys, we live in a world where home made sex tapes launch legit celebrity careers that reward reality stars with millions of dollars for standing around getting pregnant. Since none of what I just said is an exaggeration and the rest of us with dignity or poor dads have to go to school and get... Read more »

Nick Jr.: The slow descent into the claws of an angry mob

Moms, you know you’ve been there. You finally stuff the kids into bed after a day of crumbs, cries and stamping out fires. You sink into the couch and zone out like a survivor. Ten minutes passes and you realize you’ve been watching Dora. Alone. This was me last night, but behold, it wasn’t Dora.... Read more »

Nick Jr. drama: Parents enraged over some cartoons "retiring"

Do you care what’s on Nick Jr? I mean, I assume you don’t want your toddler watching violent murder scenes or Rush Limbaugh rants, but children’s programming could be a blank screen for all I care because I use TV for getting a chance to clean the kitchen and check my email. Apparently my simply... Read more »