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2014: Vow to be small and easy

The only New Year’s resolution I ever kept was my vow to stick to one cup of coffee a day in 2003. Done. If I try to get too huge with my goals (I will conquer abstract math! I will power through one-thousand crunches per morning!) I’ll just end up defeated on the couch like... Read more »

All I want for Christmas is LEAVE THE DAMN BABY ALONE

When a crazed stranger with a dead-cat on her head stuck her finger in my 8-day-old child’s mouth at the grocery store, I didn’t have the foresight to have her arrested or at least scream a little. It was 2008. As usual in these situations, I froze and debated about it later, about how I... Read more »

It's not Maria Kang's fault I'm fat

The latest flavor of Are You Mom Enough comes to us from Maria Kang, the now infamous “hot Facebook mom” who posted a picture of her smokin’ bod flanked by her three small children, including an infant, and the words that burned a hole through the internet this week, “What’s your excuse?”. Burn. Maybe I’m... Read more »

Yes, a third child may ruin your life

In case you haven’t heard, moms are against moms, ya’ll. Today’s flavor comes to us from the latest Daily Mail controversy piece called, “The mother who says her unplanned third baby will wreck her perfect life,” because if a mother said it, pitchforks will be raised. The title goes on, “… and her dreams of... Read more »

Selfies: The danger of blaming girls

I had to take a day to calm down from my rage tower after reading the now-infamous “FYI (if you’re a teenage girl)” post written by a conservative Texas mother of boys who thinks the girls in her son’s Facebook feed should cover up – all while posting shirtless, flexing photos of her sons. (There’s... Read more »

Atrazine: The EPA-approved, EU-banned chemical in your body right now

Sometimes things happen in life. Cars crash, chips fall, hearts attack. Sometimes children die and it’s completely a chance event, one that you can’t dwell on finding causes or spend your life answering unanswerable questions like, “why my child”? And then there are events in life that have causes. For example, drunk drivers made the... Read more »

Parents facing abortion are not "barbarians"

Oooh, boy, this is about to be a fun one! As you may know from reading this here innerweb site, we’re currently pregnant with twins, one of whom is in a bit of jeopardy. We were originally given a 50/50 chance of Baby A (Squirt!) having a lethal chromosomal abnormality due to the poor babe’s... Read more »

What not to say to an agnostic in a pickle

I saw two beautiful faces yesterday. Four perfect hands, four little feet I’d kiss any day of the week. They were my twins during a special high-resolution ultrasound at the behest of doctors (oh, doctors) after we discovered something is amiss with the little twin’s health. It’s amazing they look so much like “real” babies... Read more »

All moms yell

One day while my mother-in-law was helping us organize the new house, I got onto my daughter for dropping food. “Ahh! Be more careful!” I huffed and dabbed the crumbs like they were killer spiders. Yes, I yelled. You do it. I do it. Moms get annoyed at crumbs (and unfinished homework discovered in backpacks... Read more »

Fitch The Homeless: Why exploiting the homeless to shame Abercrombie is wrong

You may have seen the clever consumer rebranding campaign “Fitch The Homeless” (#fitchthehomeless) the past few days. It’s a grassroots reactionary movement to the body-shaming scruples of Abercrombie & Fitch as spouted by CEO Mike Jeffries in a series of nasty comments. Among his words, now infamous, “In every school there are the cool and... Read more »