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Bullying: How to prevent it

My family spent the past few days locked offline in a cabin in the woods. We breathed in nature, swam, played tennis, saw a goat, pushed the girls on swings and got spooked at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Ah, the Dells. Our wholesome annual tradition of posing as boozy gangsters After three days of... Read more »

A day in the life of a house frau

Hi, I’m in my yoga pants and a tank top drinking wine on my couch. Like every day. Niko seems to think this is abnormal, but he is clearly delusional. Hello, moms like to drink in their jams at home. Am I right? LADIES? Here is any given day for me: – “WAHHHHHH!” I roll... Read more »

Be a nazi mom, side with the teacher

I’m going to out myself as a Tiger Mom so put on your best judgey pants and get ready for a party! I’m a German lady, so instead of the terse uber-coaching the Chinese employ, harping on my kid involves the authorities, in this case, our new ballet teacher. Unbeknownst to me, the first ballet... Read more »

Sit down, Dance Dad

As you may be aware we signed Bee up for dance class. The other kids are taller and seem to have relatives who shoo them into the dance world before they are conceived, but us? We just show up on Saturdays and try not to pee anywhere. The reason I signed her up is to... Read more »