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The timeline of grief

After I accidentally packed a second lunch for Bee to take to camp today, I dropped Stell off at the wrong dance class. My “kitchen” is going on week four of being a half-remodeled room, thus I have no stove or countertops and just shoveled a bite of leftover Panda Express in my mouth. Also,... Read more »

All moms yell

One day while my mother-in-law was helping us organize the new house, I got onto my daughter for dropping food. “Ahh! Be more careful!” I huffed and dabbed the crumbs like they were killer spiders. Yes, I yelled. You do it. I do it. Moms get annoyed at crumbs (and unfinished homework discovered in backpacks... Read more »

Tinier than thou: Living in a 100 sf single family home, a movement.

So what’s not a “movement” these days, huh guys? We’ve got the “men’s rights activists” and the anti-adoption crowd. People who hate people who move to the suburbs¬†and people of means who insist on eating from the trash.¬†What next, a movement to eradicate shoes? (Too late!) Let me introduce you to the next wave of... Read more »

I inherited my mother-in-law's lingerie.

My mother-in-law surprised us with a visit early today and suggested she watch the kids while we go take a nap. Of course we leapt at this opportunity for “napping,” WINK WINK. No, forget the wink, I was up at 5:00 and had lived three lives by noon. As I was walking to the boudoir... Read more »