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The final frontier of mommy wars: Crafty moms v. holiday haters

There’s a new bracket in the mom on mom tournament. Pop your popcorn because this sport is always fresh! Sure, the smash down between working moms v. stay-at-home moms has all been thrown and the perennial conflict between homebirthers v. elective c-section crowd has gone stale. The room has cleared and the janitor is turning on... Read more »

Audi Super Bowl Ad: Not Sexual Assault, Quit Being Offended Internet

I consider myself a pretty liberal person. I write feminist things and piss off conservatives. I also stuffed my face with nachos and watched the Super Bowl with half all of America last night. We all cringed through the nasty GoDaddy ad with the suck-face noises strangely cranked up on high. At least, everyone in... Read more »

Rejected By A Meet-Up Group? "Moms of The North Shore"

Moving to a new area on the cusp of winter means the only people I’ve gotten to know here are my rad neighbor (we’re lazy socialites – good thing we can just walk 20 feet across the lawn to toss champagne glasses at each other) and a mom at the preschool who drives back to... Read more »

Bullying: A year after Pottygate

Wow, I got some new readers lately! It’s not just me inflaming my trolls or having the odd success with murdering the Elf On The Shelf. We’re quite a family here. Welcome! Now is also the one year “anniversary” of sorts of something really crappy (a pun! stay with me!) that happened and now’s as... Read more »

Does the Bible say blue is for boys? Hi, the Internet is Mean.

Welcome to my new series: Hi, The Internet Is Mean! Yesterday we talked about the depravity of commenters who gleefully said a bride got what she deserved when a tragic accident took her life during her wedding photo shoot. The newly minted wife met a terrifying, dramatic death but . . . yeah, take that... Read more »

Bride dies during tragic photography accident, Internet predictably terrible

Perhaps you’ve heard of the new cool thing all the brides are doing called “trash the dress” where sometime after the wedding, the couple gets dressed up in their wedding clothes again and well, trashes the dress for some artsy pictures. I wanted to trash my dress, but when I pulled it out of the... Read more »