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The (sneaky) ways Disney forces you to be happy

Excuse me, before I begin, I’ll need to shake these sparkles out of my hair. That’s better. My family just got back from Disney World and I was expecting: a nightmare chorus of toddler meltdowns, $35 ice cream cones, sweaty, angry, sunbeaten parents and maybe spotting that tiny princess castle in all the brochure pictures.... Read more »

All the best mom things I got this summer

If you have a daughter between the ages of 2 and 12, odds are you're doing a Frozen Halloween costume. There are no other costumes. There is no other matter in the universe. Our molecules are no longer carbon-based. Accept the Frozen. I imagine Halloween night will get very confusing as I take home the wrong children. The next morning I'll have people insisting their names are Piper and Regan and to take them one street over and my kids will sheepishly march home from some other lady's house. Anyway. Do it right with spray-on white hair color. I went through a whole bottle on Ren Faire day, pictured above. Practice, practice. <a href="" >$7, Amazon.<a>
It’s that special season when I can’t form a coherent thought. Camp is over. School has not yet pulled my older two kids into the vortex of learning and running laps around the gym to burn off their glycemia. The baby is doing a bizarrely fast walk/crawl toward anything that a) plugs into the wall... Read more »

The great, unstoppable Maria Karvunidis is gone

Sadly, I have the honor of writing the obituary for my mother-in-law, the legendary Maria Karvunidis. I missed her from the moment she took her last breath in our arms. The following will appear in the Chicago Tribune this Sunday and next week in The Evanston Review. — Maria Lieselotte Karvunidis, 68, of Lake Geneva,... Read more »

High five raising kids in a peaceful house!

I have to make this quick because I’m writing this during the sweet spot of the baby’s nap when her two sisters are occupied with reenacting the recent Disney movie that shall go nameless. I swear, my girls will never let it go. Pops is busy building a bouncy thing and I should be cleaning... Read more »

How to get a baby to sleep

If you’re here because you googled “how to get a baby to sleep,” you’re probably an animated undead surviving on HGTV and the internet. Been there. Don’t give the baby whiskey or let it cry. I’ll walk you through this thing. (OMG! I just took a stance on cry it out. Quick, someone call the... Read more »

The best mom things I bought in January

1. Kerastase shampoo & conditioner. I feel kinda stupid taking a selfie because I'm not a teenager. Also, please excuse my mom thumb making a cameo, I don't have all day to get this perfect BUT IS MY HAIR NOT AMAZING??!! This is me on the way to take my kids to dance today after using Kerastase Reflection Bain Chroma Riche shampoo & Kerastase Nutritive Lait Vital-Protein Conditioning Milk conditioner. You might like to know I did not blow dry my hair. Nor did I straighten/curl it, brush it, comb it nor apply a single product. NOTHING. All I did was use this shampoo & conditioner and go to bed with wet hair. NOT A LIE.  Now. Allow me to disclose the stuff ain't cheap. If I would have known how expensive it was, I never would have bought it. On the way out of my salon visit I asked my stylist to recommend some products. RULE OF LIFE: Never reason, "eh, how much can it be" because that number might be $58 for f'ing bottle of shampoo. However. That said. Kerastase 4 life. You're welcome. (PS, yes I look old, no I do not sleep.)
When you shop in December, it’s for other people. Did they like their typewriter key necklaces and elaborate man sweaters? The world may never know. January is my jam, though. I shop for me! I tried out a bunch of stuff because it’s cold and I’m bored. Now with good hair and soft feet, I’m... Read more »

Feel like a jerk pushing a huge CostCo cart? RELIEF AT LAST!

Every once in awhile, your house just gets low on supplies. Somehow we ran out of our drum of ketchup at the same time we needed a new case of milk and a fresh stockpile of cereal. Hi, we’re suburbanites now and do that thing were we get something we like and act like the... Read more »

How to love a typewriter

I’m not sure when I picked up the bug –  for the glamour of writing in general (I’m so-so) or the allure of a clunky old typewriter specifically (the buying of which I can control into perfection). I guess I could start at last Friday, after the dentist, before lunch at that place in the... Read more »

The politics of my Craigslist baby crib

I’m not so much of a deal junkie as I am a weird-thing junkie. I own an original Chicago el stop sign (Linden!) as well as a leather voodoo mask, a ceramic shrunken head, and a beer can from 1978. The other day I was bored, as a person confined to the couch 22 hours... Read more »

Movie Review: The End Of Love (spoiler alert - Michael Cera has a gun)

For anyone with a toddler, The End Of Love is going to pop off the screen as (too?) real and slightly terrifying. The endless nights of macaroni! Fish death! I mean, what parent goes to the movies to see more kids learning how to chew? Allow me to make an argument. The film stars Mark... Read more »