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DiGiorno Pizza is not to blame for domestic violence #WhyIstayed

Did you hear about the poor guy who runs the DiGiorno Pizza twitter account who made the grave error of not researching the hashtag #WhyIstayed? He thought it was about love, so he tweeted, “#WhyIstayed You had pizza” with a picture of a lady giving some true romance to a box of food from the... Read more »

Stop saying, "Your English is great!"

Last night around 7:00, every restaurant in Wrigleyville had a 90-minute wait because the neighborhood was all hit at once with Billy Joel concert revelers. I guess old white people music (hi!) and Persian food don’t go hand in hand because for whatever reason, Raw Bar got us a table in ten minutes. We had... Read more »

Not All Dads

The daddy in our house has many talents. He can: - Salsa dance, kinda - Smoke those really gross cigarillos without gagging - Work our complex coffee machine. That thing is so annoying. It’s got like 30 buttons and they all just make coffee dust if I try it. He swoops in there like a... Read more »

When a breadwinner faces prison, the kids suffer twice

I’ll tell you, straight away, I have no sympathy for child abusers. Harming a defenseless person is unspeakable, not to mention a burden on the rest of us. According to Safe Horizon, child abuse is a $124 billion dollar problem and survivors of child abuse are 30% more likely to commit violent crime. When you... Read more »

What happens when a man wears a baby in Spain

This is my first time in Spain, so I’m learning as I go. It took sinking into an ice cold bath before I realized the faucet handle marked “C” stands for “caliente”. Whoops. Restaurants don’t open for dinner until 8:00PM and when they do, there are some interesting things on the menu. Like, cod donuts.... Read more »

STUDY: That rich-ladies-be-relaxin' stereotype about moms is bogus!

According to a recent Pew report, the stereotype of the rich, white, pampered stay-at-home-mom of the mommy wars infamy is actually complete horse shit. That’s right, according to new research, stay-at-home-moms are much more likely to be young, poor, non-white and/or immigrants lacking college degrees than they are to be part of the opt-out crowd.... Read more »

Seduction is not coercion - No means no for men too

There’s been a buzz lately about female rapists and their male victims. One particularly heart wrenching story appeared on Jezebel yesterday and to those men, I offer sympathy and support. However there’s another narrative taking place and it’s a dangerous one: the male victim of “seduction”. The American Psychological Association reports that 26% of male responders... Read more »

I asked my mother-in-law how she raised such a great son

I don’t usually like to give advice if I don’t have a dog in the fight. When the Chicago Public School teachers were on strike a few years ago, it irritated me seeing parents who had their kids in private school, like, “solidarity!” Right, solidarity, bro. Your kids aren’t even in CPS. Having a student... Read more »

Sandy Hook dad Peter Lanza, I want to hear, "I should have been there"

The father of the Sandy Hook shooter, Peter Lanza, told the New Yorker his son was “evil” and he wished “he had never been born”. Oh sure, says the absentee dad who hadn’t seen his son in two years. I guess he just shrugged and scat, despite his son’s obvious needs beyond legal “childhood”. I just... Read more »

How men can REALLY support breastfeeding

There’s a new campaign starring dads and it’s about . . . breastfeeding. It’s called Project Breastfeeding and the aim is to show dads who support their partners in this sometimes-rocky nutritional choice for their baybays. Okay. I’m game. So what is the execution of this campaign? Well, that’s where things go awry. It shows men... Read more »