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Selling my baby: The existential dilemma of listing my house

We bought our little house on October 31, 2006. Halloween. Niko was just my boyfriend back then and we didn’t know what we were doing. We giggled through the closing while eating cookies from Starbucks. I dunno, buying a house didn’t seem like that big of a deal. House! Fun times! It felt totally normal... Read more »

Car Wives, Part II

After you get out of school, you’re looking for that grown up desk job that spells security. You want to make it in the big city, to sip free coffee and pretend you’re on The Office. I wanted to dress up in cute skirts and make the case that my student loans weren’t a waste... Read more »

Car wives

You’ll never have a date for a wedding. Your family meal together is breakfast because your husband hasn’t had dinner with the kids on a weeknight since Christmas. Your vacations are all dealer prizes. Your month-to-month income chart looks like a series of McDonalds arches. Most people forget where they parked, you forget what car... Read more »