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Breastfeeding awareness is not bottle shaming

Want to know a super interesting fact? (You: thrill me.) I bought a tub of formula just before Tradeshowgate and I’ve been trying to jackhammer it into my 6-month-old’s mouth for about a week now. No dice. It seems once you get the breastfeeding train rolling it’s hard to jump off. My kids happen to... Read more »

In defense of the woman kicked out of a trade show for breastfeeding

Recently a small business owner was escorted out of a Chicago trade show for bringing her 10-day old infant snuggled inside her outfit. The newborn wasn’t there for the cooking demonstrations, he was there because he’s breastfed on the hour. In fact, the baby wasn’t a problem to anyone until the woman sat down to... Read more »

Breastfeeding: School prohibits breast milk packed in lunch

A school in Mandeville, Louisiana might be losing a student after a mother’s request to pack breast milk in her daughter’s lunch box resulted in a war of words between the administration and the parents of a child enrolled for school this fall. The girl was planning to bring breast milk as a snack, but... Read more »